How to Fix Unexpected Store Exception Error in Windows 10

No one likes to see their system getting crashed, and if you are getting a blue screen of death, then it might be frustrating for you. When you are using windows 10 operating system, it forces you to update it, and if you have recently updated Windows 10 then along with new features, they might also come up with some unwanted exceptions and error. Unexpected store exception is a type of error which is accompanied by the blue screen of death (BSOD), and it’s frustrating to see this exception because it ultimately crashes your whole system. It’s been observed that unexpected store error had occurred when users updated their older version of Windows 10.

Unexpected store exception

Usually, this exception arises because of the problems in anti-virus programs or incompatibility of display drivers. So if this exception quite bothering you and you want to fix it then don’t worry. In this article, we have explained some ways through which you can fix windows 10 unexpected store exception.

What is Unexpected Store Exception Error?

Unexpected_Store_Exception Error in Windows 10 is the Blue Screen of Death error, which appears when your computer is crashed. Amongst all other errors, these BSOD errors are horrible and indicate that something is wrong with your computer. When the Store component of the Windows 10 OS catches an unexpected exception forcing it to shut down, causes the error to appear on Blue Screen of Death. Fortunately, most of the BSOD errors are fixable unless they are hardware related, and this one is fixable too.

How to Fix Unexpected_Store_Exception Windows 10 Error?

Just like any other software related issues on Windows computer, this problem is not a serious one, and you can get rid of the same within a few minutes. Here are the practical solutions, which you should follow to get rid of the unexpected store exception error in windows 10.

Method 1 – Uninstall Anti Virus Program

Sometimes people don’t know but having a wrong type of antivirus program installed on your PC might be the reasons why you are getting unexcepted_store_exception on your system. Windows 10 system has a Microsoft defender program which acts as a powerful antivirus program. It’s been reported that the users who have installed third-party antivirus software were facing this error. So if you have installed any third party software, we would recommend you to uninstall it. Follow these steps to uninstall an antivirus program from your system.

  1. First of all, press “Windows + R” Key combination on your keyboard and type “Control Panel” and press ENTER.
    control panel windows
  2. In the Control Panel window and click on the “Uninstall a Program” option below the “Programs” option.
    Control Panel
  3. Now, you’ll see the list of all of the software programs you’ve installed. Find the Antivirus program you’ve installed.
  4. Once you find the Antivirus program, click on it to select and then “Uninstall” button on the top to start uninstalling.
    uninstall antivirus
  5. After uninstalling the antivirus program, Restart your computer to let the changes take effect.

Method 2 – Update Display Driver

Some display drivers who haven’t got updated might be causing this error. People often forget that they need to continually update the display drivers not to face such type of error. However, here’s how you can update the display drivers manually on your system.

  1. Press “Windows + X” key combination on the keyboard and then click on “Device Manager“.
    Windows Device Manager
  2. Then double click on “Display Adapters” which will display the graphics card drivers that you’ve installed on the device.
    Windows Device Manager Drivers
  3. Right click on the result and click on “Uninstall device”Uninstall Razor Synapse Device Drivers
  4. After Uninstalling the drivers, Restart your computer to let the changes take effect.
  5. Then press “Windows + I” key combination to open Windows Settings and click on “Update and Security.update and security windows 10
  6. Now click on “Check for Updates
    Windows Check for Updates
  7. Now windows should automatically update the system as well as install the latest device driver software. Alternatively, you can download the matching display drivers from the website of the device manufacturer and install it on your computer. 

Method 3 – Check Health Of Hard Disk

If the hard drive on your system is not in a good situation, then also you might face this exception. Users have often said that they met unexpected exception error because some important files were on a lousy section of the hard drive. Now if you are a type of guy who doesn’t care about the authenticity of any applications and installs tons of them, then that might be the reason behind this error.

One of the best ways through which you can check the health of drives is by running a small tool called Crystal Disk. You will have to download the standard edition then install and run this program. Follow the instructions given on display carefully, and you will be able to determine the health of hard drives on your system with this tool. If in health status it shows Good then your hard drive is in a unique situation.

It’s been reported by some users that they were getting unexpected store exception dell error on their system because of incompatibility of display drivers.

Method 4 – Turn Off Fast Startup

Fast startup is that feature which will automatically update the windows 10 version. As mentioned earlier, this error arises when you update your system with a newer version of Windows 10. Even if this feature is excellent sometimes, it might causes problems like this because no one would want to face the blue screen death errors which are quite frustrating.

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Final Words

So if you were searching for unexpected store exception windows 10 fix, then these are some of the best ways through which you can solve this problem. Even after trying every method mentioned above, you are still facing the same issue; then you might need the help of a technician. If you have any other doubts relating to it, then leave us a comment below.

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