How to Fix Steam Won’t Open Error in Windows 10/8/7

Steam is a digital gaming platform developed by Valve Corporation which is used for purchasing and playing games online and offline. The best thing Steam offers to its users is a platform on which gamers can compete with each other online, it provides online matchmaking servers on which you and your teammates can battle with other opponent teams virtually. You can purchase any legit copy of the game you want on Steam and play it without any interruptions. The beauty of Steam is when we download and install any game, it automatically downloads all the required software and drivers like .NETDirectX, etc which are needed to run that respective game smoothly. Steam regularly releases new updates once a while in a week. In every update, they always try to add new features and fix bugs, errors and increase the efficiency of their software but there is one problem which is still not fixed by Valve and still many gamers a facing that issue when they try to launch their Steam client. Many gamers have reported about Steam not launching problem on official forums of Steam but there was no proper solution given to any threads posted so we thought of creating a guide which we can help you how to fix Steam won’t open problem in Windows.

If your steam isn’t opening then you shouldn’t be worried about it because it is one of the most common problems you will find on the Internet. You just need to follow the methods which we are going to mention below in this guide.

Why Won’t Steam Open?

You tried launching Steam several numbers of times but it doesn’t start, you must be thinking that what exactly is wrong with the software?

How to fix Steam won't open Problem in Windows

Well, there can be many reasons why your steam won’t open. One of the most common reason is your Steam client is not exited properly and it is still running in the background, in that case, you have to force close it from Windows Task Manager and relaunch it or maybe your Internet is not stable or something is wrong with your Windows Network Adapters, Don’t panic. we are here to help you, let’s see how can we solve this problem.

How to Fix Steam Won’t Open problem in Windows 10/8/7

As we said above that in this tutorial we are going to show you several methods. You don’t have to follow all the methods, if the first method works for you then you don’t have to follow rest others but if it doesn’t then you can try other solutions given in this guide as per your own convenience.

Method 1: Try to close all Background Services of Steam from Windows Task Manager

When you are playing any game on your system and suddenly on your system, the game freezes up, you try to exit the game using Windows Task Manager. When you perform such heavy task, at that time the Steam gets an Unexpected Shutdown. When it receives an unexpected sudden shutdown, you won’t be able to re-launch it because the Steam services are still alive and running in Background. So if you want to launch it again, you have to first exit all the Background services and then only you will be able to open it. Lets see how can we do it.

  1. Go to Desktop, Right Click on the empty space of your Task Manager and there you have to select Start Task Manager.
    task manager
  2. Now in Windows Task Manager, you have to go to Processes Tab and there you will find a list of all processes which are currently running in your system.
  3. Scroll down and locate Steam Client Services, as shown in this image. You have to Right click on it and select End Task Option.
    Steam Won't Open Error
  4. Repeat the same thing with all the Steam services you find in Windows Task Manager.
  5. Once all the Background services are closed, you have to re-launch the Steam client from your Desktop and it will be again in working mode.

Method 2: Restart your System

Well there are chances that something has been malfunctioned with your steam client and the processes of your steam are running in a loop, there are small threads of processes which are stuck in between and running in a loop and that preventing steam from launching. In that case, you have to restart your computer so that everything gets reset back to normal.

Method 3: Try to Restart your network devices

The above methods didn’t work for you? Don’t worry we have a few more solutions for you which will surely help your solve steam won’t open problem. In this method, we are just going to restart our Windows network adapter devices because there is a possibility that our ISP is not working properly and if our Internet is down then we won’t be able to launch Steam.

  1. In the very first step of this method, we will suggest you to shut down your system.
  2. Unplug all your power cables, also unplug all the cables from your WiFi and Internet router.
  3. Plug all the respective cables back to its position.
  4. Turn on your WiFi and Internet Modem and wait until they are in working mode.
  5. Now it is time to boot your system.
  6. Once your Windows OS is booted, you can try to launch your steam client and this we are quite sure that it will work.

Method 4: Try to Re-install your Steam Client

Till now we have mentioned the solutions which can be solved without installing or un-installing any external programs. We did a lot of debugging till yet but still if it doesn’t work then we think your steam files are corrupted and in that case, you have to re-install the steam client.

  1. Download Steam installed from Steam official website.
    Download Steam Client
  2. Once the Steam installer is downloaded, you have to launch that executable file(steam.exe) and install the Steam.
  3. It will take a few minutes to download and install all the required files based on your Internet speed.
  4. As soon as the client is installed, you have to restart your system to make sure that all the changes are done successfully.

Note: Before re-installing your Steam client, you have to uninstall the current one fromWindows Control Panel.

Method 5: Update your Windows Operating System and its Drivers

If your steam is not launching, then there are possibilities that your current Windows version is not compatible with the latest version of Steam client so in that case you have to update your Windows OS and its drivers to its latest version and in this method we are going to show you can update your OS and drivers to solve Steam won’t launch problem.

  1. Click on Start button and type “Windows update” and select Check for Updates option as shown in this image.
    Windows Check for Updates
  2. It will now open a window which will let you download and install newly released Windows update and drivers.
  3. There you can check your Update history and you can also manage when to download the update and when not to.
  4. You have to click on the “Check for Updates” button and it will start searching for new updates.
    Windows 10 Check for Updates
  5. It will automatically download and install the updates which are released for your system.
  6. Once the Windows updates are installed in your system, you have to restart your computer to ensure that all the changes are perfectly saved.

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Final Words

So finally this is how we can solve Steam won’t open Windows 10 problem. We have listed 5 solutions in details and all of them are tested by us personally and still if your problem doesn’t solve then we think something is wrong with your current operating system and we would like to suggest you that install a fresh Windows on your system. If you face any single query while following this guide then please let us know in the comment section and we will try our best to get your rid out of this annoying problem.

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