iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working [Fixed]

What could be a worse than missing your flight because you didn’t wake up at time? Or, you missed that interview you’ve been waiting year long because you realized your alarm didn’t ring?

Well, Alarm Clock is no less than a life saver in 21st century. If you are living alone, or living away from your parents, you know that alarm clocks are your next parent.

It is really a big nightmare to realize that your alarm clock is not working, and we understand that.

7 Ways to Fix iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working Problem

Alarm clock plays an important role in our life, it helps us wake up from sleep right on time, it helps in normalizing our sleep schedule, it reminds us that the food has been cooked and if we didn’t give attention to it then it will get burnt and spoiled, and in many other ways it daily crisis and let us achieve peace of mind. Basically it act as a care taker in many ways, Down below in this guide we are going to list down few tips and tricks on how you can fix up iPhone alarm sound not working problem in few taps.

1. Adjust your volume.

Okay. Lets get back to basics. Yes, it may sound really silly but if your phone’s ringer volume is down, then the alarm will not ring.

But what is the difference between volume and ringer?

When you’re playing a game, and you decrease the sound with the buttons, you’re actually lowering the volume.

However, the ring that plays when your phone rings or your alarm rings, that is the ringer.

So if your ringer is down, you may not hear the alarm.

How to set the Ringer?

Setting the ringer is really simple. You can do it two ways. One, when you are the home screen and nothing is playing in your phone, you can use the volume buttons to control the ringer.

However, if this is not working for you, then you may try doing it this way:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose Sound.
  3. Set the ringer volume high enough so that you can hear it.iPhone Ringer Volume Up

2. Try to Set a New Alarm Tune.

If your phone is still not ringing despite the alarm goes off, then you may have made a mistake of choosing your alarm tune as ‘None’.

To change that use the following steps:

  1. Open Clock.
  2. Choose Alarm.
  3. Tap on Edit.iPhone Alarm Clock Now Working
  4. Click on Sound under which you will get an option of various alarm tunes. it will open a new menu where you will find list of alarms tunes
  5. Choose any tune except ‘none’ and you are good to go.iPhone Alarm Setting new tune

3. Try to Restart your iPhone.

Well iPhone Alarm not working issue is really annoying and If you are facing same issue while receiving your calls then I think your iPhone is not behaving properly, and in that case you should  switch off your iPhone and start it again.

Restart iPhone

How does it help?

When you will restart your device, it will also restart all the back end applications and processes running on your phone. If any other apps were stopping the use of your alarm clock, restarting your phone would actually help getting rid of those little fixes and help all your applications run smoothly.

4. ‘Repeat’.

Another silly reason of your Alarm buzzing one day and not buzzing the other day can be ‘Repeat’. Here while setting up your Alarm, you have not properly set the dates on which you want your alarm to ring louder.

How does ‘Repeat’ work?

  1. When you open the alarm tab, you will find the option of Repeat under edit.
  2. Now under ‘repeat’, you have variety of options of how you want your alarm to repeat.
  3. It includes-  Everyday, Every Monday, Every Tuesday and so on.
  4. So if you forget to set it to ‘everyday’, you might end up getting late the next day or you can also setup your alarm from Monday to Saturday or Friday which are basically working days.

iPhone Alarm Repeat Settings

5. Bedtime Clashes.

How excited we were to see the Bedtime Feature in our iPhones that keep tracks of how much we sleep and at what time we wake up in the morning. I know this feature is really awesome but when you setup such settings, you have to take care of timings else it may end up clashing morning time and bedtime and hence it your iPhone alarm won’t sound.

However, it may interrupt with your alarm settings.


If your wake up time and your alarm time are the same, you might end up with nothing buzzing in your phone. This means that the timings may clash and you’ll end up with nothing. In this image below we will show you how we keep track of our daily sleep and alarm, you may have messed up something so go through this image and compare it with your Alarm Settings and we think it might solve your issue.

iPhone Bed Time feature

6. Different Alarm Application under use.

Many times when you have a different alarm application in your phone and the default one at the same time, it causes clashes in background processes and ends up crashing all the apps at same time and this results in iPhone alarm clock not working problem.

If your other application alarm did not ring, it maybe because it’s volume was too low, or both the apps rang the alarm at the same time or any unknown reason.

How to solve it?

The only way to solve this would be to use one application only. The best one would be the default application. However, if you do not want to work with that, then delete it completely and then use your new application.

7. Bluetooth or Headphones Connected to your iPhone.

Yes, if any of the above is still connected to your phone you might miss the alarm.

Supposedly, you connected your phone to your Bluetooth speakers to wake you and your neighbors up in the morning.

This may sound an excellent idea but the truth is, it won’t work.

Also, if slept with your earphones on, you have no possible chances to hear your alarm the next morning until your earphones were glued to your ears.

In this case you have to manually turn off your Bluetooth on your iPhone and all you need to do is go to Settings and there select Bluetooth and Disable it as shown in this image.

Disable Bluetooth and Unplug Headphones in iPhone

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Final Words

So these were some useful tips and tricks that will work when your iPhone alarm clock not working issue shows up. We have personally faced this problem and based on that experience we have created this guide which we hope will help you out solve your problem. I hope they were useful to you so that you never miss out the important part of waking up. If you have any queries while following our tutorial then please let us know via comment section and we will surely respond to it.

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