How to Charge Your iPhone Without a Charger

You are in the middle of nowhere and your iPhone is running out of battery, a nightmare to tell the truth, but it might just happen that your power block is damaged and you can no longer charge your iPhone using it. The real problem comes when you want to do some important calls and you don’t have enough battery to even boot your iPhone, in this case, if you still have the power cable which is also known as USB cable then you can easily charge your device using an alternate power source with which you can connect your power cord. In this current situation you shouldn’t be worried because in this guide we are going to show you some alternate ways on How to Charge Your iPhone Without a Charger, well not only charger, but also you will be easily able to charge your iPads too.

In this post, I have provided some alternatives to traditional charging technique, so that if the need arises anytime then you will have no problem charging your iPhone.

How to Charge your iPhone Without a Charger

You are lucky that you live in an era where you can find the answer to any problems with the click of a button if you have lost or forgotten your charger somewhere and now you only have the data USB cable available to you or the worse you don’t even have that then worry not, you can still charge your phone and get your phone working.

Method 1: Using Your Laptop or PC as a Power Source

Using Your Laptop or PC as a Power Source to charge iphone

If you have left you power block at home or at work then worry not as you still have the USB cable, which you can very efficiently use to charge your iPhone, you can just plug your phone into the Laptop or PC, with just the USB cable you can now charge your iPhone, though it might be little slow it the laptop you are using is running on battery since most Laptops try to have minimum consumption while running on battery.

Method 2: Use A Power Bank

Use A Power Bank to charge iPhone

Having a Power Bank basically means that you will be able to charge your iPhone anywhere anytime without the need to have the power block, you can select from a range of many depending upon the voltage and capacity of the power bank, there are many so you can take the one that suits your budget. Once you have a power bank with you here’s how you should use it:

  1. Attach the USB cable to the output port of the power bank and the other end to your iPhone.
  2. In some cases, the power bank gets turned on automatically, if yours does not then you should turn it on.

There are power banks that you can carry with your iPhone and does not need to get charged again and again, a single time charges power bank can provide enough power to charge your iPhone for almost three times, and that also without a charger.

Method 3: Use your car charger

Use your car charger to charge iPhone

You can use your car charger in times of need, in emergencies is you can not find any other alternatives then consider using your car charger to charge your iPhone, it may be slow, but it is invaluable in times, when you don’t have any other alternative.

You can simply plug your USB cable into your car charger and connect it with your phone to charge it.

Method 4: Use Devices that Have USB port

Use Devices that Have USB port to charge iPhone

Any electrical device that has an USB port can be used to charge your iPhone in case you don’t have your power block, in a way having only the USB cable can save your iPhone’s battery even if you don’t have a power block.

All you need to do is connect the USB cable to any output port of other devices, and connect your iPhone with it, and voila your iPhone will start charging, so always remember to carry the USB cable even if you forget the power block at home or if it is not working properly.

Method 5: Use a Solar Powered charger

Use a Solar Powered charger to charge iPhone

As technology gets better and better day by day we can now use natural sources of energy to help in our daily life, Solar – powered charger is one such boon of technological advances, it can store energy for later or can be used to charge anytime under the sun. Just connect your iPhone to the solar – powered charger and let it charge your iPhone.

Method 6: Use a Hand Crank Machine

Use a Hand Crank Machine to charge iPhone

Being able to use your physical power into energy gives you nothing but muscles. You can do both charging your phone and also do some exercise, you can purchase a Hand Crank Machine at any online store or any electrical shop near your.

Once you have it you can just connect it with your iPhone and charge it.

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Final Words

Not having enough charging in your iPhone is a really a irritating problem for us all, and by having an answer to the question on How to charge an iPhone without a charger we can now worry less about our iPhone having no charge and hangout freely on long trips without any being tensed, as there are many alternatives to charging your iPhone without using a charger. That’s it, this was the ways to charge your phone without a charger, we have personally tried all the methods above and all of them has worked for us, some of them take times time to charge some of the take less. If you guys have any other alternate methods to charge your phone then please let us know in comment section below and we will surely add it up in our article.

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