Fallout New Vegas Console Commands 2019

The Fallout series of the games are top-rated amongst the hardcore gamers. With the compelling game titles, the gamers are loving every bit of the Fallout games. The Fallout New Vegas is the fourth installment of the game series. Its widely accepted as one of the best games in the Fallout series. If you play this game, then you know how awesome it is. But as there are many players, everyone wants to get an advantage over the other in the game. Also, enthusiasts love to gain access to hidden features. Using the Fallout New Vegas Console commands will give you the access to all of the hidden features.

If you are looking to access hidden features with the new vegas console commands, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share some working  New Vegas Console commands that you can run and access the hidden features. Not just the developer only features, but you can get an advantage over the other players on a private server. So, get ready and use these Fallout New Vegas Console Commands while playing the game.

How to Use Fallout NV Console Commands?

We know you are interested in executing the fnv console commands while playing the game to boost and increase your strength, power and health. But most of the people like you who are novice in this game don’t know how to access the console to add these commands. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore as here are the detailed instructions on how to open the console and execute console commands fallout new vegas.

Fallout New Vegas Console Commands

The players can quickly access the Console by pressing the “~” tilde key. You should start the game first and then press the “~” tilde key to access the console. Once you see the console, type in the command and add required parameters and press ENTER. The game will execute the command, and then you can access the feature or gain an advantage over the others. If you have the keyboard with a different layout than the US Keyboard, then you should press the same key to open the console. If you press the Tilde “~” key while playing the game, then it’ll pause the game until you execute a command or exit from the console.

Fallout New Vegas Console Commands List

Now you know how to activate the fnv console commands and access the features. It’s the time to check out the commands to use in the console. Here is the detailed list of all of the commands for you to execute while in-game.

Fallout Camera Commands

These are some of the best fallout nv commands to control the camera angles, viewpoint, and other related features in Fallout game.

fallout camera command

Command Name Code Description
Free View Mode tfc Toggle the Camera ON/OFF. Use the camera in Free mode or Pause the game with “tfc 1” command.
Camera Movement Speed sucsm <#> Control Camera Movement speed. Replace # ( hash ) with the number to increase or decrease the rate.
HUD Toggle tm Turn ON/OFF the HUD in-game.
Field of View fov <#> Changes the Field of View Angle. Change the # (Hash) with a number.
Toggle Lightbrite tlb Turn ON/OFF Lightbrite mode. Increase visibility in Dark Areas.

Fallout NPC Commands

The NPC commands are for Active Characters and non-performing characters. You can control the characters with these set of commands.

Fallout New Vegas Console NPC Commands

Command Name Code Description
Set Target prid <ref_id> Sets the Target for a Character. Replace <ref_id> with the ID of the target.
Move a Character player.moveto <ref_id> Moves the selected Characters to any location in the map. Replace <ref_id> with the Location ID.
Move an NPC moveto player Teleports the NPC to your character model.
Equip an NPC with Items equipitem <base_id> Equips an NPC with selected items. Change <base_id> with the item ID.
Display Inventory inv Prints Inventory Details on the screen for the selected character.
Delete Target Zap This command will delete the selected Target or target that is in the crosshairs.
Toggle AI tai Turn ON/OFF the Player Artificial Intelligence Logic.
Start Combat startcombat Start Fighting with other characters, mostly NPCs.
Stop Combat stopcombat Stop Fighting with other characters, mostly NPCs.

Fallout Inventory Commands

The inventory commands are handy for anyone. You can reset the ammo count, get new weapons and also increase the weapon health. Here are some console commands fallout new vegas which you should use.

Fallout New Vegas Inventory Commands

Command Name Code Description
Weapon Health player.setweaponhealthperc <percentage> Change Weapon Health Percentage to anything. Replace <percentage> with a number.
Ammo Box player.placeatme 69EE6 Get immediate ammo box drop.
Mega Pistol player.additem 001465A6 1 get Mega Pistol Drop in-game. It’s a powerful pistol in the game.
Special Points addspecialpoints # Special Points for any character. Replace # (Hash) with the number of points.
Power Armour setpccanusepowerarmor 1 Enable the Power Armour to decrease bullet penetration and withstand attacks.
Karma Points RewardKarma x Get Karma Points without completing the tasks. Replace “X” with the number of points you want.
Weapon Box player.placeatme 8F7B9 Get Weapon Box with Set of Weapons with this command.

Fallout Quest and Stats Commands

These are the best Fallout Quest commands which will help you complete all the pending quests. You can check your quest logs, Damage stats and karma points using these cheat commands.

Fallout Quest and Stats Commands

Command Name Code Description
Quest Log Showquestlog Shows the details about Completed and incomplete quests.
Complete Quests Caqs Complete all the quests immediately. You can complete the game within seconds without playing any pursuit.
Damage Stats player.damageactorvalue <variable> <#> Display and Modify the Damage Statistics for any player. Replace <Variable> and <#> with the appropriate values.
Player Scale player.setscale <#.#> Set Player Scale to Make them Stronger or Weaker. Change <#,#> with appropriate numbers.
NPC Stats player.getav <variable> Check Karma Points and intelligence Level of any NPC.
Resurrect a Player Resurrect Resurrect any player or the enemy character.

Fallout Cheat Commands

These Fallout New Vegas Console Commands will help you increase your game level. You can change your Gender anytime you want, you can enable god mode, you can kill everyone using these commands and many more things.

Fallout Cheat Commands

Command Name Code Description
Advance Level advlevel Immediately Change to the Next Level.
Map Marker tmm 1 Enables all the Map Markers in-game.
Gender Change SexChange Switch the Gender of Playable Character.
God Mode Tgm Enables the God Mode. A player becomes invincible and can’t be killed.
Kill Everyone Killall Kills everyone in the Map.
Unlock Doors Unlock Unlock all the Doors in your crosshairs.
Disable Blood bDisableAllGore=0/1 Disable the Blood and Gore using this command. Use 0 or 1 to enable and disable the blood.
Display Grass Tg Enable or Disable Grass Display on the map. Improves the FPS if disabled.

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Final Words

These are all of the best Fallout New Vegas Console Commands. We’ve compiled this list of console commands fallout new vegas for you. All you have to do is to open the Console, type the command, change the values and press ENTER to access the features and gain an advantage over the others. I hope you’ve liked this list of all of the FNV console commands. Use them and Enjoy your gameplay with hidden features.

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