How To Fix Err_Connection_Reset Error In Windows 10/8/7

Facing problems while browsing the internet in the office or home is one of the most irritating things. Most of the times, you face err_connection_reset on Google Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox while browsing popular websites like Facebook, Google, Instagram, or any others. Many people are facing this issue once in a while, and it is very frustrating. If you are facing this problem often, then you should immediately act and get rid of the issue. You can fix this problem within a few minutes after following the working solutions we have for you.

In this post, we are going to share some effective methods to get rid of Err_connection reset Windows error, which haunts most of the avid internet users. This issue is disturbing a lot of users due to frequent internet disconnections and sometimes without any reason. All you have to do is to check out all of the methods we are going to share and follow them to fix err connection reset in Google Chrome within a few minutes.

What is Err_Connection_Reset Error in Windows?

Err_Connection_Reset is the error message that many people usually encounter while using Google’s Chrome web browser. This error arises due to the frequent disconnection of the internet connection, issues with the DNS servers of your ISP, Server sided problems with the website or sometimes the problems with browser settings configuration. In Simple words, the browser encountered the connection change while loading a particular webpage. Hence you see the error message. Amongst all of these reasons, frequent internet disconnection is the biggest ones. Here are some of the working methods, which you should immediately follow and get rid of the net::err_connection_reset chrome issues.


How to Fix Err_Connection_Reset Chrome  Error?

If this error is haunting you, then you have to spare only five minutes to any of these methods, and you will get rid of the same. Follow these methods and immediately fix error code err_connection_reset problem in Chrome browser.

Method 1 – Reset Winsock and Flush DNS

When we tried to get rid of the problem in Windows, we tried Resetting Winsock and then Flushing the DNS. The method works perfectly, and in the first attempt, we fixed the problem. Here are the exact steps to Reset Winsock and Flush DNS to Get rid of Err connection reset in Google Chrome.

  1. First of all, Press “Windows + X” key combination and click on “Command Prompt (Admin)” to open Command Prompt in Admin Mode. If you are not on Windows 10, then searching for Command Prompt in Search Menu would help too.
    Windows Command Prompt (Admin)
  2. In the Command Prompt, enter the following two commands and press ENTER after each command. Let the first command to finish and then enter the second command
    netsh Winsock reset catalog

    netsh winsock reset command
    ipconfig /flushdns

  3. After entering these two commands, restart the computer. With the restart, the changes will take effect, and you won’t see net:: Err_connection_reset error Chrome.

Method 2 – Reset Chrome Browser to Default Settings

If you’ve recently changed the Chrome settings related to the network connection, or any third-party add-on or plugin did the same, then you may face the issues with error code err_connection_reset. If that’s the case, then Resetting Chrome browser to default settings will do the job to fix this error message.

  1. First of all, open Google Chrome Browser and click on “Customize and Control Google Chrome,” which is located at the top-right corner as “three vertical dots.”
    reset settings chrome
  2. Now, click on the “Settings” option and you’ll see the Settings page has opened in the new tab.
  3. On the Settings page, scroll down and click on “Advanced” option. Now, you’ll see more settings to toggle with.
    scroll down to advanced settings chrome
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you’ll spot “Restore Settings to their Original Defaults.”
  5. Now, you have to confirm once again to restore the settings. Click on the “Restore” button, and the process will start automatically.reset chrome defaults
  6. Wait for a few minutes to let the process finish. Once finished, you’ll have to restart the browser.

Method 3 -Restart the Router

If you are not getting any results from any of the methods we’ve shared above, then you should check if there are any issues with the router itself. We are not going into deep techniques, but restarting the router would help you in this problem. All you have to do is to turn OFF the router and keep it OFF for a few seconds, and then restart the router. Also, you can disconnect the power cord of the router and then connect it again to reset the connection. Most of the times, the issue lies with the Internet service provider, and not with the user computer. So, restarting the router works for many of the people.

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Final Words

The Err_Connection_Reset error message is enough to make you mad while casually browsing the internet on a calm evening. Thankfully, this is not a severe error message, and you can quickly get rid of the same. I hope you’ll follow these methods immediately after encountering the Err Connection reset Chrome error message. If you are facing any difficulty while following these methods, make sure to comment below so we can help you.

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