How to Fix Discord Mic Not Working Problem?

Discord is a voice over IP and video chat digital platform for GAMERS. It is a free app that works both on desktop and in phones. It helps the people of a community to integrate in very easy and effective way. It is most commonly used by members of the gaming community to stream their videos on platform like twitch, YT Gaming,, etc.

Discord is available as web, desktop and phone application. Within discord, SERVERS can be created for a community that might be hosted by a passcode for security purpose. Though this software was created for gamers for better game communication and experience, it has spread widely to be a platform of communication for like-minded people sharing common interests.

But however with good advantages there are also few drawbacks of using this softwares like Discord crashes down suddenly while playing games, Discord mic stops working and many more has been the most commonly complained issue. In this guide we are going to focus upon on Discord mic not working problem and we will show how you can solve problems of Discord softwares when it starts behaving weirdly.

How to Fix Discord Mic is not Working Problem in Windows?

It is a situation where one of the user’s voice is not heard by the other users of the community. Though the user facing can problem can hear without any disturbances as such. This is most commonly reported, but hasn’t got any well-defined solution by the developers. So here we provide you with few primary ways to face this glitch.

Method 1: Try to Logout and Login Back

This is one of the quickest and basic way of solving Discord Mic Not Working Issue. Here in this first method of this guide we are simply going to logout our account from Discord app and Login back after restarting the application

  1. Here, just try logging out of the discord.
  2. Click on User Settings icon.Discord User Settings
  3. Scroll down and there you will find Logout option on the left sidebar.
  4. Click on Logout button and it will ask you to confirm it once again.logout discord Windows
  5. Then log in back to connect with your friends in a short span.
  6. This would be more like trial-error method.
  7. Hence this isn’t permanent solution but helps you get rid at certain occasions. If you still face the same problem you can also try restarting your system and follow the above process again or else we think you mic has a physical damage and that is why discord is not picking up mic.

Method 2: Restart & Run Discord App as Administrator

  1. As discord is used in transmission across Internet, check if it has the required privileges.
  2. On the desktop, right click on discord icon
  3. Choose the option “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR”.Run Discord App as Administrator
  4. When prompted by user account control, click on YES button.
  5. Now check whether the dicord mic not working issue has been solved up or not by testing it.

Method 3: Resetting Voice Settings in Discord

  1. This method works when the discord is used as desktop app.
  2. It has been a great method to fix in large number of cases.
  3. This can be used when the headsets are replaced too.
  4. So we reset the voice settings in discord.
  5. Start off by clicking USER SETTINGS available in discord windows.Discord User Settings
  6. Under app settings, scroll down to VIDEO AND VOICE SETTINGS.Voice and Video in Discord
  7. Reach the bottom choose RESET Voice Settings option.reset voice settings discord
  8. Confirm it by choosing okay and give time for the discord to initialize.
  9. Later connect your headsets and check for the status.

Method 4: Checking Automatic Input Sensitivity Settings

In this method the slider is sent to left by manual sensitive bar which makes the microphone to not take voices. This worth a trial, Check it out.

  1. In the discord windows, click on the USER SETTINGS available at the left bottom of screen.Discord User Settings
  2. Then scroll down to VOICE AND VIDEO settings.Voice and Video in Discord
  3. Then reach out to INPUT SENSITIVITY option and turn it on if it is not already enabled.enable automatically determine INPUT SENSITIVITY Discord
  4. Then talk using your headset to check if the bar lights up to green.Discord Input sensitivity
  5. If it happens follow the procedure.
  6. Now toggle down the option
  7. Set the slider in a position where it stands in between.
  8. Now check if the bar is pulsating and if yes then you are all good with it.

Method 5: Disabling the Exclusive Mode on Windows

In windows, few applications have been configured to have exclusive control over audio device driver. Hence it creates an unwanted It is always a better option to disable that option. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Right click on the VOLUME AND SOUND icon situated at right bottom of your screen in Windows.
  2. Go to RECORDING SETTINGS in the list displayed.Recording devices Windows
  3. Go to Recording tab and select yourfrom headset.Microphone Settings Windows
  4. Select and click on Properties button.
  5. Go to Advanced tab and unselect all the check boxes under that option.Microphone settings advanced
  6. Save the changes by selecting the CONFIRM option.
  7. Reboot the system and check for the status of mic.

Method 6 – Selecting Your Headset as Input Device

Discord has left the input device DEFAULT. So the problem arises with laptops that have built in microphones. So to get rid of this problem modify the input devices settings. Here is the guide to so:

  1. Choose the user settings in discord windows.Discord User Settings
  2. Scroll down to VOICE AND VIDEO Settings.Voice and Video in Discord
  3. In the drop down list, choose INPUT DEVICE.
  4. Then choose the microphone required.
  5. Max out the input volume slider of your microphone.Input Volume slider discord
  6. Check for the status.

This method works when there are multiple microphones available which makes the app choose wrong mic.

Method 7: Changing Input Mode to Push to Talk

Just in case the problem hasn’t been solved by any of the above methods, don’t panic because there’s another method that is successful most of the times.

  1. Change the input method from voice activity to PUSH TO TALK.
  2. This method will require you to press a key every time you want to communicate.
  3. Large number of users have reported that this technique has worked efficiently.

Method 8: Update or Reinstall the App

  1. If the problem still persists just uninstall app.
  2. Install back after a while which will temporarily help you get rid of this problem.
  3. Update the driver every now and then by checking for latest updates in manufacturer’s website.

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Final Words

However, the development team behind the discord is trying to figure out a permanent fix. But until then these methods will help you deal with that really frustrating Discord mic not working issue if you ever face it in future. If you have doubts while following above methods then please let us know and any further queries, observations can be brought to our view by using the comment section below.

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