How to Disable Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool

Google has been one of the leading search engines in the race of modernization. To maintain its efficiency, Google has many coordinating background processes about which maximum percentage of people are unaware. There are many several processes run in background when we are using Chrome, one is to manage the RAM usage, one is to manage CPU usage, and many others which are running parallelly If something goes wrong with these processes then Google Software tool notifies us regarding the problem and we quickly try to fix it or restart the browser but what if the Google Chrome software reporter tool starts acting weird and stops working, well in this article we are going to show how you can solve this issue quickly

Reporter tool is basically a part of CHROME CLEAN UP process which in turn removes the plugins or extensions that causes issues to the chrome or try to fix them automatically. Anything that interferes with browser’s experience such as advertisements, new tab pages are crashed by this tool.

Functions of Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool

The software reporter tool mainly scans the computer’s drive and reports the result to Google to determine if it has to prompt the user to get rid of the softwares that might be an obstacle in browsing experience however all the other personal data is not interrupted. And you should also be aware that the Google chrome software reporter tool always runs in background silently.

What are Problems Faced Due to the Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool

  • The biggest concern of any user is their privacy being invaded which is felt to be offensive. Due to the scan results being shared, user finds it to be a hitch.
  • The next one is over load on system. It takes almost 40% of CPU’s efficiency in working for scanning which results in delay of activities in which users are engaged.

Hence few of the users would gravitate towards not having this service done. And this article assists to disable Google chrome software reporter.

How to Disable Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool

If you want to disable the Google chrome software reporter tool then go through the following methods which we are going to write below in this guide. If the first method works for you then you don’t have to go through other methods because it is mandatory but if it doesn’t work then you can follow rest others solutions.

Method 1: Disable Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool Using Chrome Settings

  1. Launch Google Chrome and click on the three dots visible on the top-right of the page.
  2. Go to SETTINGS option available in main menuGoogle Chrome Three Dot Settings
  3. Scroll down to ADVANCED settings.scroll down to advanced settings chrome
  4. Go down to bottom to find SYSTEM option.
  5. Under this section set the CONTINUE RUNNING BACKGROUND APPS to off.Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed
  6. This is one of the basic and easiest ways to disable reporter tool.
  7. Under RESET AND CLEAN Up section and then choose clean up.
  8. This will direct you to the chrome clean up page and now set REPORT DETAILS TO GOOGLE option to OFF.Disable Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool
  9. So finally we have turned off our Reporter tool. Now it will not run in background.

Method 2: Removing All the Permissions on Software Reporter Tool Directory

  1. Go to the Appdata folder where the software is installed. 
  2. Follow this path
     C:Users[your username]AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataSwReporter22.123.0.
    Software reporter tool path
  3. Select software_reporter_tool, right click on it and select PROPERTIES option.
  4. Switch to the Security tab and select the ADVANCED option that appears.ADVANCED Option of Software reporter tool
  5. Click on “DISABLE INHERITANCE “option and disable all the inherited permissions.Disable Inheritance from Advance Settings
  6. Click on select Convert inherited permissions into explicit permissions on this object to remove all the inheritance Convert inherited permissions into explicit permissions on this object
  7. Click on “OK” to save the changes
  8. You can also make up your new security settings if necessary.

Method 3:Using Registry Editor to Disable the Reporter Tool

The above method didn’t worked for you? Don’t worry In this method we are going to use official Google policies to restrict the reporter tool whenever you launch Google chrome in your system.

  1. Press “WIN+R” key combination to run the dialog box.
  2. Type REGEDIT and press enter.Windows Regedit
  3. Go to the following path
  4. Under the policies section, create a new key and set its name. For ex: chrome
  5. Now under the chrome key create a new key with a name. For ex: google
  6. Therefore, the final path will be
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\chrome \google
  7. Navigate towards the google key created and right click in the right pane to select “NEW -> DWORD (32 BIT) VALUE”.
  8. Set the new DWORD name as “ChromeCleanupEnabled”.
  9. Create another DWORD “ChromeCleanupReportingEnabled”.
  10. Set the value of both DWORDS to ’0’.Chrome Registry Editor
  11. ChromeCleanupEnabled” will prevent Chrome’s Software Reporter Tool from scanning your computer.
  12. ChromeCleanupReportingEnabled” will prevent Software Reporter Tool from sending scan result report to Google.

These are  the best ways through which one can get rid of this problem even if it is not blocking it from chrome settings But however the malware softwares are not detected. Unless you don’t visit third-party soft wares often there is no need of the software reporter tool. This is just a temporary action but once there is update, the reporter tool is back to its function.

Method 4: Delete Software_Reporter_Tool.exe Executable File

If you want to permanently disable software reporter tool high cpu tool then you have to delete the few files of chrome directly from your system.

  1. This file is available in the chrome directory in windows 10.
  2. The path to be followed to access this file is C:Users[your username]AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataSwReporter22.123.0.
  3. So all you have to do is clear all the content present there. But however the google downloads back once it is updated. Hence an alternative way is followed to clear the data.
  4. Open NOTEPAD and click choose software_reporter_tool.exe.
  5. Now delete all the content displayed on the screen and make necessary changes.
  6. This will permanently disable software reporter tool

This will help you get rid of the problems that’s are caused due to process of the software reporter tool. Hence results in getting back the desired speed of CPU by controlling the activity of REPORTER TOOL.

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Final Words

It is advisable to use the software reporter tool if you are a regular user of third party extensions and plugins, as these might threaten user’s data in various ways. We have personally tested all the solutions written above, If you face any issues while following them then please let us know in comment section below. Please feel free to share any further questions and your observations in comments and we will surely help you out with your query.

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