6 Chrome Flags Which Can Enhance Your Browsing Experience

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers for your computer, be it Windows, Linux, or Mac. Being an Open-source web browser made with precision, you will not face any issues while browsing the internet. As the Chrome Browser is based on Chromium Open-source project just like many other web browsers, it shares some common features with another browser. But the Chrome://Flags separate the browser from other web browsers. Chrome flags are one of the least used features of the browser, but still, they are way too powerful. Those users who use the Chrome://Flags are getting the perfect user experience from the browser, as the option makes it customizable.

The Chrome//Flags provide the array of all of the customization options and experimental features that will make your web browsing experience smoother and hassle-free. You won’t have to install any additional extensions or install the apps to apply individual settings as you can do the same from Chrome Flags setting. In this post, we are going to share some working Chrome://flags settings and commands, that are useful and must use for anyone who wants a smoother web browsing experience.

What is Chrome Flags? How to Access Chrome Flags Settings

Chrome://Flags is nothing but the experimental features settings page in the chromium-based web browser. You’ll find the Chrome://flags option in the Chromium-based web browsers like Chromium browser and Google Chrome Browser. Also, you’ll find the Flags option in Opera browser too, as it is based on the Chromium open-source project. To access the Flags setting in your Chrome browser, you have to enter “Chrome://Flags” in the address bar and then press ENTER on your keyboard. That will open the Chrome//Flags page on your browser. Now, explore all the options and toggle the ones that you think will make your browsing experience smoother.chrome://flags

List of Best Chrome://Flags You Should Enable

There are tons of Chrome//flags that you can toggle and enable to make your web browsing experience with Google Chrome interesting and smoother at the same time. In this post, we are listing some of the best Chrome flags for you to use and improve the experience or toggle the unseen features.

1 – Disable AutoPlay Videos

Most irritating thing while you are browsing the news websites and social media websites is the  AutoPlay videos. These videos automatically start playing whenever you are scrolling through the web page. Although there is an option to enable or disable the AutoPlay of videos, the option is hidden deep down in the settings of the website. But with the Chrome Flags, you can easily disable the AutoPlay of videos on any site.

autoplay chrome flags

To Change the Autoplay settings, open the “Chrome://Flags” page and press “Ctrl+F” and then search for “Autoplay Policy.” On the right side of the option, you’ll see the drop-down menu. Choose “Document user activation is required” option from the drop-down menu, and you’ve disabled the AutoPlay videos. From now on, the browser will ask you if you want to play the videos.

2 – Reduce Microphone Echo

The Microphone eco is the most irritating issue you face when chatting with your friends over Facebook, Instagram, or Skype. If you regularly use such web chatting services and VoIP services usually, you should consider changing the settings in Chrome Flags that govern the Microphone echo. With this Flag, you can quickly reduce the Microphone echo on your computer while using the services through the Chrome web browser.

microphone echo chrome flags

In the Chrome//Flags page, search for “WebRTC Echo Canceller 3” and enable the flag. After enabling, restart the browser and start using any online chatting or VoIP service you regularly use and the Microphone Echo will be reduced to a minimum.

3 – Enable Parallel Downloading

Do you use third-party downloader apps because Google Chrome is not good at downloading large files? Well, you don’t have to do the hassle of downloading and using the third-party downloader apps, as Google Chrome is pretty good at downloading large files. All you have to do is to Enable Parallel Downloading feature in the browser, and you’ll see a significant increase in Downloading speeds. The Parallel Downloading breaks the file in multiple parts, increasing the download speed of the file.

parallel download chrome flags

To Enable the Parallel Downloading option, open the Flags page and then search for “Parallel Downloading” option. Select “Enable” from the drop-down menu on the right side and restart the browser. You’ll see a significant increase in download speeds.

4 – Single-click Autofill

Tired of manually filling the text fields multiple times? Want to autofill with just a single click? Well, Chrome has the feature that allows you to autofill the saved information with a single click. All you have to do is to enable the Single-Click feature with all of the saved information. The prerequisite is to have the data saved in the Chrome browser, like your passwords, location information, name, and others.

autofill chrome flags

First of all, open the Flags settings page and search for “Single-click Autofill” option with “Ctrl+F” search option. Select the “Enabled” option from the drop-down menu listed on the right side, and you’re done. From next time, Chrome will suggest you the autofill data and single click on the appropriate suggestion will autofill the entire data.

5 – Automatic Tab Discarding

We have to admit that Chrome is not good in RAM management, as it eats a lot of RAM resources. Many of the useful tabs in the background get removed from the memory, forcing you to reload the web page. But if you enable the Automatic Tab Discarding option, the unused tabs from the browser will be discarded from memory, leaving your frequently used tabs. Automatic Tab Discarding is a must-enable feature for enjoying a smoother web browsing experience.

tab discard chrome flags

Just like we did with any other flag, open the Flag settings page and then search for “Proactive Tab Discard” option. Click on the Drop-down menu and then select the “Enabled” option. Unfortunately, you cannot Enable Automatic Tab Discarding on Linux operating system.

6 – Automatic Password Generation

Online security is a concern for most of the people, as the hackers and attackers are continually trying to attack the web services. The only way to stay safe here is to use stronger passwords while signing up on popular websites. You can use third-party password apps, but why to use them when you have automatic password generation feature in Google Chrome? With the Automatic Password Generation flag enabled, the browser will generate a secure password for your account and also save it, so you won’t have to remember it.

automatic password chrome falgs

Open the Chrome//flags/Enable page in your browser and then search for “Automatic Password Generation” flag. Enable the same from the drop-down options menu. You can quickly start using the feature on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

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Final Words

Chrome://Flags are very much unknown to the majority of the users. The best thing about these Flags is that Google always adds new and experimental features on the Chrome//Flags page. Last year, Google said the Material Design activation flag as an experimental feature, which enabled the Material Design layout of the browser. Just like that, there are hundreds of useful flags that you can make use of an improve the browsing experience. I hope you’ve learned everything about the Chrome Flags Settings. Open the Flags page and try out some of the best settings that you think would change the browsing experience.

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