Best Teamviewer Alternatives in 2019

Best Team Viewer Alternatives

Teamviewer is undoubtedly one of the best Remote Desktop Software program for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Being a Cross-platform remote desktop software program, it is being used by more than a few million people. With the help of TeamViewer, most of the people are not wasting time in configuring the Remote Desktop Protocol and make the connection with another computer. TeamViewer has all of the features that everyone … Read more

Best Password Manager for Mac in 2019

Best Password Manager for Mac

Let us ask you a question. How many websites and services have you signed up for on the internet? Don’t bother, because they’re so many that you probably wouldn’t recall them at once. More internet leads to more websites, which leads to more services, they lead to more online accounts, which in turn create more passwords for you to remember. Simple, isn’t it? No, it’s not. And that’s where the … Read more

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Best Web Browser for Mac Devices in 2019

Web browsers are an indispensable part of our lives now. If you doubt that, remember that you’re using one to read this. But there are so many web browsers out there that it becomes tricky to choose the best option. There are so many factors that collectively contribute to a browser’s overall rating that it is easy to overlook some. Finding the best browser for your computer an easy task, … Read more

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Best VPN for Mac OS in 2019

Best VPN for Mac OS

Are you looking to stay anonymous while using the internet, or do you want to access some websites on your Mac which are blocked? Whatever it may be, a virtual private network (VPN) can help you in both cases. In this guide, we list some excellent VPN services so that you can find the best VPN for Mac devices. A VPN can be used to access websites that have been … Read more

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8 Best Productivity Applications for Mac in 2019

Best Productivity Applications for Mac Devices

Productivity is all about utilizing the extra time that one has out of his busy schedule to learn and create something new instead of wasting the time in chatting and watching irrelevant stuff online or offline just for the sake of ‘Time Pass’. To be competitive and to actually remain in the competition, one has to be productive either one way or other. An average person spends a minimum 4 … Read more

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10 Best Snipping Tools For Mac in 2019

10 Best Snipping Tools For Mac

Whether you are a blogger or a teacher or a technical writer who create user documentation, you’d need snipping tools to capture the important images which you are going to use it on your blog while creating any guide or while you are presenting a ppt to a group of people. Snipping tools are the best way to show your audience what you are working on, snipping tools are also … Read more

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Top 8 Best Text Editor for Mac in 2019

Best Text Editor for Mac in 2019

If you are a programmer or the minimalist who wants to write on the computer, then you need a robust text editor program. The text editor or the text processors are the simple programs that allow you to type text and save it in the file format. Almost every programmer use the text editor programs to type their codes and also to writer other things. But, the people using Macintosh … Read more

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8 Best PDF Editors for Mac

When it comes to the productive tasks, writing and editing documents, filling up spreadsheets and editing PDF are the one of the most important things. Almost every professional person who work in industry make use of the Word Processor, Spreadsheet and PDF editor programs. Most of the PDF editor programs are available on the Windows OS. So, what about the MacOS users? Well, there are tons of good PDF editor mac versions … Read more

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The 5 Best Windows Emulator for Mac

The debate between the Windows and MacOS users is not going to settle down any sooner. But, no one can deny that both of the operating system environments have the significant use for their users. Be it windows OS for power users or the MacOS for productivity lovers. On many occasions, people have to switch to the Windows from MacOS and vice versa to perform specific tasks, that are not … Read more

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