5 Best Discord Bots To Enhance Your Server Response Time

best discord bots

Discord is one of the best online chat platforms for gamers and others. Most players do use it as the medium of in-game communication. Due to the robust architecture and interactive User Interface, the gamers have adopted Discord more than any other community. Discord supports a full range of customization options, that increases the usability by ten folds. Sign up on Discord and create your server and get access to … Read more

6 Chrome Flags Which Can Enhance Your Browsing Experience


Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers for your computer, be it Windows, Linux, or Mac. Being an Open-source web browser made with precision, you will not face any issues while browsing the internet. As the Chrome Browser is based on Chromium Open-source project just like many other web browsers, it shares some common features with another browser. But the Chrome://Flags separate the browser from other web browsers. … Read more

How to Make Google my Homepage[All Browsers]

make google my homepage

Google is the biggest search engine, and whenever a new person starts using the internet, then he/she will probably start with Google. The Word Google has become the part of the Oxford Dictionary and also in the mouth of every internet user. Without Google, no one can survive as there is no stronger search engine on the internet that provides many features like the Email service, Cloud Storage, YouTube, and … Read more

How to Move Steam Games to Another Drive

Moving steam games from one drive to another drive is always one big headache for gamers. There can be many reasons why you want to move the respective steam game to another drive like lack of storage or you don’t want your games to be installed in the same drive in which your current Windows or Mac operating system is installed or maybe you just want to create a separate … Read more

HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working [Fixed]

How to fix HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working Problem

Gaming is the best way to zone out from your surroundings when you feel lonely, it is the best medicine to any disease. A good gaming system keeps you involved all the time which may not be good as an addiction, but as a leisure time work, it does its job.  It’s 2019, and gaming has reached another level. HyperX the famous sponsor of 20 gaming teams globally has designed HyperX … Read more

TP Link Router Login, IP, Username, Password [Setup Guide]

TP Link Router Login, IP, Username, Password Setup Guide

One of the best ways through which we can access the internet is with the help of routers. There are many companies which provide top routers, but if you don’t know how to use it or configure it, then it could create a severe problem. If you’ve recently bought TP-link router and now confused about how to set it or don’t know about tp link router login then don’t worry … Read more

How to Fix YouTube Videos not Playing [4 Methods]

How to Fix YouTube Videos not Playing

Youtube is a music and video sharing platform that allows its users to view, upload and share videos among people on the Internet, it can be used to share informative stuff and also entertainment, it may happen sometimes that you are watching some videos on Youtube and suddenly the Video stops playing, you try everything in your control to solve the issue but still you are not able stream the … Read more

How to Disable Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool

Google has been one of the leading search engines in the race of modernization. To maintain its efficiency, Google has many coordinating background processes about which maximum percentage of people are unaware. There are many several processes run in background when we are using Chrome, one is to manage the RAM usage, one is to manage CPU usage, and many others which are running parallelly If something goes wrong with … Read more

How to Fix Discord Mic Not Working Problem?

Discord is a voice over IP and video chat digital platform for GAMERS. It is a free app that works both on desktop and in phones. It helps the people of a community to integrate in very easy and effective way. It is most commonly used by members of the gaming community to stream their videos on platform like twitch, YT Gaming, Stream.me, etc. Discord is available as web, desktop … Read more