The 5 Best Windows Emulator for Mac

The debate between the Windows and MacOS users is not going to settle down any sooner. But, no one can deny that both of the operating system environments have the significant use for their users. Be it windows OS for power users or the MacOS for productivity lovers. On many occasions, people have to switch to the Windows from MacOS and vice versa to perform specific tasks, that are not possible in their current operating system. To run the applications made for Windows, the Mac users need Windows Emulator for Mac.

There is no other way to run a Windows application on an alien environment like MacOS, using the Windows Emulator is a must. Without an emulator, there is no other way for any person to run a Windows application. If you use the Windows Emulator for Mac, then you don’t have to follow the tedious procedure of Dual-Booting operating systems. In this post, we are going to share the list of some best Windows emulator for Mac, which will help you to seamlessly run any popular Windows-based application on your MacBook or iMac computer.

Why Using Windows Emulator for Mac is beneficial?

The Emulator programs use the string of APIs from another operating system to emulate the environment. The apps or software programs are supporting the API run quickly as the emulator fakes the OS environment that you’ve chosen, and in this case, it is Windows OS. The apps with extensions supported by Windows run quickly on Macintosh if you install an Emulator. Instead of using the Virtual Machine software, which uses the ISO image of the operating system, takes time for installing and booting into the OS and uses a lot of system resources like Processing power and memory. Using the Virtual Machine software for running few Windows software programs on Mac is not a practical idea at all. That’s why using free windows emulator for mac is the best thing for small tasks like running a few Windows-based software on your MacOS computer. Just like the Windows Emulator programs, there are tons of Mac Emulator for Windows programs, which will allow you to run the MacOS applications in Windows. So, you don’t have to worry about Operating system installation and the Licensing issues at all.

Best Mac Windows Emulator Programs

So, it’s time to know more about the best Windows emulator programs for the MacOS devices like iMac and the MacBook. All you have to do is to download the programs mentioned below in this list from the official app store and run any Windows-based application in your Apple computer. Here is the list of all of the best Windows Emulator for Mac.

1. VMWare Fusion – Editor’s Choice

vmware windows emulator mac

The VMWare Fusion is one of the most popular Virtual Machine software for Windows and Macintosh computers. The power users love using the VMware to try new operating systems on their computers. Although the VMWare fusion is not a Windows emulator, it’s a Virtual Machine software. If you are not satisfied with all of the emulators mentioned above, then you should check out the VMware fusion. The VMWare comes with proper support for DirectX, OpenGL 3.0, .NET Framework and many other libraries from Windows. It’s a flexible virtual machine program, that consumes fewer system resources and provides better performance. The VMWare fusion works like the Mac emulator for Windows due to the cross-platform compatibility. The $34.95/- price tag for an official license is worth each penny.

2. Crossover for Mac

crossover windows emulator mac

The CrossOver for Mac is a professional solution for running Windows-based application on your MacOS computer. If you are looking for Free Windows emulators, then this is not for you. The Crossover for Mac is a premium software which allows you to run any application for Windows on your Mac with ease. There is no need for Windows installation, Rebooting or any other procedure. All you have to do is to install the Crossover from App Store and run any executable file on Mac. The software is not available for free, as the premium version come for $39/- and $59/-.

3. Parallels Desktop

parallels windows emulator for macOS

Many of you know about the Parallels Desktop on MacOS. Being the favorite premium Virtual machine and the emulator program, it is known as the best option for anyone who wants to run Windows applications. The Parallels desktop works as the Virtual Machine program to run any operating system within a Mac environment, and also as the emulator. There is no need to download the ISO and then perform the complicated installations. The Parallels desktop does the job for you, and you don’t have to reboot the computer. The software comes with the advanced features for those who are willing to use it as Virtual Machine and also for those who want to use it as the Mac Emulator Windows.

4. WinOnX

winonx windows emulator for mac machines

The WinOnX is the lightweight alternative for using the Windows apps on Mac. If you are using an older version of Mac computers, then the WinOnX is the savior for you. With the native .NET support, Low memory and disk space consumption, super fast boot times, the Applications made for windows run without any hassles. The WinOnX is not a free program as it has the yearly subscription of $9.99/- and the lifetime subscription of $29.99/-. You can download it from the official App Store.

5. Wine Bottler

wine bottler windows emulator for mac devices

The Wine Bottler is a fantastic program for Macintosh computer to run the Windows application. With this application, there is no need to install the Windows operating system on your computer. The Wine Bottler is a popular Windows emulator program for Macintosh and also for the Linux. The Wine makes use of the Windows API used by applications and also uses the open-source alternatives to the DirectX libraries and .NET framework. So, the applications that you run using the Wine Bottler are way easier to run and without any issues. The Wine is available for free on the Apple App Store.

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Final Words

We all know that Windows and MacOS are two different Operating Systems that has different userbase. As they are different from each other, running applications of one operating system on another is not possible natively. But, with the help of Windows emulator for Mac or Mac Emulator Windows, we can easily do the job. So, there is no need of purchasing a valid license key for Windows or any other operating system only to run a few applications. I hope you’ll find this list of Emulator programs useful. Download any of these emulator programs for Mac and run Windows applications with ease.

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