Best Web Browser for Mac Devices in 2019

Web browsers are an indispensable part of our lives now. If you doubt that, remember that you’re using one to read this. But there are so many web browsers out there that it becomes tricky to choose the best option. There are so many factors that collectively contribute to a browser’s overall rating that it is easy to overlook some. Finding the best browser for your computer an easy task, but we have done it for you. After researching through various web browsers and studying their features and drawbacks, we have compiled a list so you can find the best browser for Mac easily.

4 Best Web Browser for Mac Os in 2019

The competition among the web browsers isn’t that hard as it was some time ago. But still, many competitors are trying to claim the top spot. While some are veteran players who seem to get better with time, there are new players in the mix too. So, let us see who comes out on top to become the best browser for Mac.

1. Safari – The Best Web Browser for Mac?

Apple’s very own Safari has been the built-in default browser for the macOS / Mac OS X devices since 2004. While its efficiency has been questioned often during its run, it has evolved to become arguably the best browser for Mac.Safari - Best Web Browser for Mac

Safari runs on the Nitro engine Developed by Apple and comes equipped with a variety of features. Where it leaves its competition far behind, is its compatibility with the macOS. Safari seamlessly integrates with the Keychain Access to store and sync the passwords across all your Apple devices. Plus, Safari has been optimised to consume the least power on your Mac device. Compared to its peers, Safari can save up to an astonishing two hours of runtime.

The experience on Safari is also really fantastic. Gone are the days when people used to complain about its average performance. It is probably the fastest browser for Mac with its JetStream benchmark score known to cross 200 easily. Other features like Reader view and pinned tabs add to the users’ ease.

Safari also has some great privacy features. Safari 12 comes equipped with Enhanced Tracking Protection. It makes the websites unable to track your activity based on your computer’s fingerprint (bits of information unique to your computer’s address).

The only drawback of Apple’s Safari is the lack of resources. Web services often do not run well on Apple’s default browser as they don’t get tested on it. Also, Safari has quite limited extensions available when compared to other browsers such as Google Chrome.

So, if the lack of extensions and a little inconvenience about web services doesn’t bother you, then Safari would quite likely seem the best browser for Mac to you.

2. Google Chrome – The Challenger

If you are someone who likes to have lots of extensions on your web browser, then go no further than Google Chrome. According to statistics, there’s a 70% chance that you’re reading this article on a Google Chrome browser.Google Chrome Browser for Mac

Chrome uses the blink engine, and though its JetStream score isn’t as high as Safari, its page loading and scrolling is very fluid. Chrome comes with tons of options when it comes to external resources. While it works exceptionally well with the Google services, it also has a comprehensive library of compatible extensions. Also, the Chrome developers are continually working to integrate it with the macOS.

But it has its problems too. Chrome is a real battery eater when it comes to Mac. There doesn’t seem to be any optimisation made to preserve battery on Chrome. Chrome also asks you to use the Google services too often. You are encouraged to log in to your Google account, which would sync your browsing data across all devices. Though this might seem a lucrative feature, it means giving access to a lot of your data to Google.

Still, despite its issues, Chrome is one of the best web browsers for Mac, and one which is bound to get better.

3. Vivaldi – The exciting newcomer

Now, if you have doubts over Vivaldi just because you haven’t heard its name, then get rid of them. Founded by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, the co-founder of Opera, Vivaldi Technologies have developed this exciting new web browser.Vivaldi Mac Browser

Like Google Chrome, Vivaldi also uses the Blink engine and is one of the most feature-rich web browsers out there. It has some unique features like Tab Stacking, Notes, Mouse gestures, Reader mode, Built-in screenshots, and so much more. Released on March 2019, the v2.4 of Vivaldi also has a built-in calculator.

What bums us out is that, like Chrome, Vivaldi is a battery hungry browser. It doesn’t seem to have any battery optimisation. Also, you might have bumpy experience while loading larger web applications.

Other than that, Vivaldi is a big contender in the web browser race. And with time, its popularity is sure to skyrocket.

4. Opera – Good Enough?

Opera is a terrific web browser. It is quite fast with a JetStream benchmark score of about 150. The high speed comes as no surprise as it uses the Blink engine too (like Chrome and Vivaldi). The pages load quite fast, and the scrolling is also fluid on Opera.Opera Browser for Mac

Opera can also use Google Chrome’s extensions; you only have to use a single unique compatibility extension to make that possible. Along with that, Opera also has its Extension library which has many extensions.

The Turbo mode is another excellent feature of Opera. It compresses webpages and reduces bandwidth by sending the data through Opera’s servers. It also has a free VPN (Virtual Private Network) integrated within the browser.

The issue of battery loss again comes up in Opera. No battery optimisation for Mac means that your device loses significant battery while using Opera Browser.

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Final Words

All the browsers listed above are quite useful in their own right. As one would expect, Apple’s Safari works better at macOS than any other browser. It is brilliantly optimized to suit the user’s convenience while working on the macOS. If you want to have extensions within your browser, then Chrome is the way to go. Vivaldi is the wildcard here. It comes loaded with features and gives a great experience. Opera has the Turbo mode, which makes it unique in itself.

If speed is your priority, go with Safari. If you want additional resources, go for Chrome. Choose Vivaldi if you wish to try some new features. Opera is useful with its free VPN.

So these were the Best Web Browser for Mac machines. We hope we could help you pick the best browser for Mac. Choose the browser which suits you the most. Let us know your views in the comments.

Thank you for reading.

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