Top 8 Best Text Editor for Mac in 2019

If you are a programmer or the minimalist who wants to write on the computer, then you need a robust text editor program. The text editor or the text processors are the simple programs that allow you to type text and save it in the file format. Almost every programmer use the text editor programs to type their codes and also to writer other things. But, the people using Macintosh computers face the real problem as the default text editor is not equipped with essential features. That’s why most of the programmers use third-party text editor mac to write code with ease.

If you love using Macintosh computer and want to write code for your program, then you should use best text editor for mac and improve your experience. We used more than a few text editor on Mac, and we found the best ones that everyone should like. In this post, we are going to share a list of some of the best text editor for mac. The best text editor mac listed in this article are not only for the coding and programming but also for casual writing as they are suitable for almost every need.

Who Uses Text Editors Instead of Word Processors?

The text editors and the word processors are two different types of software programs. Both serve different features, and their user base is very different. The Word Processor programs are specially made for the documentation purpose. The people who want to make the documents, PDF files, attractive brochures, and many other things use the Word Processors. in short; the word processors are used for professional works. But, the text editors are barebone and are simple to use. They are used to write the code cleanly. There are many useful text editors for coding, that are must-have programmers for any programmer or the coder. Mostly, the programmers use the text editors made for coding, but everyone can use the text editors on mac to take notes and save important lines or paragraphs.

Best Text Editor for Mac

Best Text Editor Programs for MacOS

The Internet is flooded with the software programs for coders and programmers. But the list of text editor for Mac computers is tiny. That’s why, we have shortlisted some of the best text editors for Mac computer, that you can download and use for note taking and coding purpose. Here is the list of such mac supported text editors, which you can download and use to get excellent user experience.

1. Sublime Text 3 – Editor’s Choice

Submlime Text 3 - best text editor for mac

The Sublime Text 3 is one of the most powerful, popular and widely used text editors on all of the operating system platforms. Be it Windows, Linux or even the Macintosh, the coders prefer using the Sublime Text Editor for coding due to its exclusive features which are incomparable with other text editors. With the advanced features added explicitly for programmers. This is best if you are coding for a long time. With the syntax highlighting, multiple language support, robust API of Python, Dark Mode, Categorizing and multiple file opening feature makes it one of the best software.

The “Goto Anything” is the most popular feature, which lets the users jump from any line of code to another line without any issues. Being one of the beautiful text editors for Macintosh computers, the Sublime Text 3 is holding number one place in this list.

2. Atom

Atom Free Text editor mac

If you are looking for a Free Text editor mac version, then the Atom is the best suit for you. The Atom is a free and open-source text and code editor for the Windows, Linux, and Macintosh computers. This code editor is written in Node.js, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Being the lightweight and user-friendly text editor, many people love using it on their computers. The Atom Text editor for Mac comes with tons of useful features for coders. Also, there are tons of extensions available for the same that you can download from official website.

The auto-completion, Multi-Tab embedding, multiple language support, Syntax Highlighting, and advanced navigation options make it one of the best text editor programs. You can download this editor for free from the official website.

3. Brackets by Adobe

Brackets text editor mac

The coders who are focused on their web designing projects should check out the Brackets, Text editor. The Brackets by Adobe is an interactive text editor for those who are only focused on the front-end and web development projects. Adobe makes the Brackets, but it’s a free text editor for Mac computers.

The integration of this product with all of the Adobe feature is one of the notable features. Not just that, but the Live preview feature is an exciting addition that helps the users to preview their HTML or CSS code in a preview window. If the users are willing to add some extra functionality, then they can install Adobe Brackets extension and get the work done.

4. Coda2

Coda2 text editor for Mac

The Coda 2 is the mac text editor for hardcore coders out there. The Coda 2 is pretty different text editor mac from the others we’ve mentioned in this post. The Coda2 comes with tons of exciting features that are not available in any other code editor software program for Mac. Along with the common features like the Indentation, Code Highlight, Syntax Highlight, Syntax Autocomplete, Multiple languages, the users get some additional useful features like the Webkit Preview, Web Debugger, and profiler.

Not just this, but the Coda2  supports the touchbar integration on Macbook Pro and Remote file open and edit from the FTP, SFTP servers and Amazon AWS servers. This is an exciting feature for cloud engineers and programmers who are working on cloud projects with FTP and Amazon AWS servers. The COda2 is not free software as it’s priced for $99/- but it comes with a Free trial of One Month.

5. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio CodeText Editor

What is better than the Visual Studio code on Macintosh if you are working on the VB project? The Visual Studio Code is the simple yet powerful text editor for Mac developed by Microsoft. Even though the Macintosh environment is a bit different than Windows, the user experience is very similar to the Windows counterpart. The Mac version comes with all of the Windows Counterpart features like the super fast Code editor, Syntax Highlight, Git Control, API description, and also others.

Windows users will not find any weird bugs or the difference between both versions of this software. The Visual Studio Code for Mac comes with the extension library and is free to download.

6. BBEdit 12

BBEdit 12 Mac Text Editor

The BBEdit is known as one of the oldest code and text editor programs for the coders. With useful features like editing, searching, source code edit, text manipulation, hard wrap, and others, it becomes ideal for beginner programmers. With the Multiple File manipulations, HTML toolkit and Syntax completion, the software are best for the programmers who just started their journey.

Not just the programmers, the BBEdit 12 is useful for the casual users, who want to take notes on the computer. The software was originally launched in the year 1992, but still is one of the most stable text editor programs for MacOS based computers.

7. UltraEdit

UltraEdit Text editor for mac

The UltraEdit is an underrated mac text editor with tons of features. I am using this editor from a long time and think this is the very featureful editor. With the support for languages like C, Objective C, Javascript, XML, PHP, Perl, Python, and more makes it versatile and useful. The best thing I found about this Mac text editor is the Syntax Highlighting, inbuilt FTP support, and Support for Large Files that are above 4 Gigabytes with ease.

The UltraEdit is in the market for a long time and is now 24 years old. If you are willing to install the UltraEdit, then you have to buy a premium version of $99.99/- or get a 30-Day free trial.

8. TextMate

TextMate Mac Text Editor

The TextMate is the last text editor for Mac computers in this list. The TextMate is a simple text editor program that comes with the necessary features and not loaded with useless features. Well, being the lightweight editor program, it runs perfectly on the older Macintosh computers like first-generation Macbooks and iMacs.

The Language Specific Syntax completion and Highlights, Search and Replace, Auto-Indentation, Clipboards History manager and many other features make it a great minimalistic text editor. Not only the programmers, but the casual users can easily use this editor program for taking notes and for other tasks. The lifetime license of this software is available at $56.75/-.

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Final Words

So, these are some of the best Text Editor Mac versions which you can use. The MacOS environment is known to be a bit alien to most of the programmer community. But that’s not true as there are many code editor programs available. We have collected and listed the best free text editor mac for all you. We hope you found these text and code editor programs for Macintosh environment useful. If you have any suggestions for us then please let us know in comment section below.

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