Best Teamviewer Alternatives in 2019

Teamviewer is undoubtedly one of the best Remote Desktop Software program for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Being a Cross-platform remote desktop software program, it is being used by more than a few million people. With the help of TeamViewer, most of the people are not wasting time in configuring the Remote Desktop Protocol and make the connection with another computer. TeamViewer has all of the features that everyone needs, but the only problem with the program is that it is a premium software for business usage and free for Personal usage. If you are tired of using TeamViewer or not happy with the feature-set, then you should check out some wonderful TeamViewer Alternative programs.

If you are not a technology freak, then you’ll find TeamViewer as a tricky software. Individual use of TeamViewer is easy, but when it comes to business use, it becomes trickier to configure the software and manage the security. That’s why you need Apps like TeamViewer that are free and simple to use for personal and business needs. In this post, we are going to list some of the best Alternatives to TeamViewer, that you can install on your computers and remotely access the two or more computers at the same time.

Why Should You Consider Teamviewer Alternatives?

Teamviewer is not free software, but a freemium one. That means you get a limited amount of features in the free version and access to all in the Premium version. But the premium plan is not suitable for individual needs, and the free plan does not have enough feature for Individual needs. Also, the premium version of TeamViewer is aimed at Business users and not individual users. That’s why the configuration of the Premium version to handle the remote desktop connection is something IT professionals do at the companies. It does not mean that TeamViewer is a bad software for Remote Desktop Connection. You just need something better that can provide you enough features at less price or even for free.

Best TeamViewer Alternatives for Windows, Mac, and Linux

There are tons of good alternatives for TeamViewer available on the internet. But you should only try the best ones amongst them and not the basic ones. Here, we are listing some of the free alternatives to TeamViewer and also some of the paid best alternatives for the TeamViewer Remote Desktop Control Software.

#1 – AnyDesk

AnyDesk is one of the best TeamViewer Alternatives that you should seriously consider. AnyDesk is one of the lightweight remote desktop software that you can find for Windows, Mac, and Linux. With the Cross-platform remote control feature, it is the best Teamviewer Alternative that you can try out. With the high-speed data transfer and 60FPS remote control feature, using AnyDesk becomes an easier and soothing experience. Even if the client or Host are facing the internet issues, AnyDesk will provide smooth remote control and data sharing experience.

teamviewer alternative anydesk

The high-speed data transfer with Low-latency communication between the devices is what makes the user experience engaging. You can do to the remote control work in real-time with the low-latency connection, unlike TeamViewer.

AnyDesk is a cross-platform software and is available on Linux, Mac, Windows, FreeBSD, Android, and iOS platforms. The free version provides full access to the features, but only available for personal use. The professional users will have to pay the subscription fees of $79 per year.

#2 – SplashTop

SplashTop is a less popular name if you ask for the best remote desktop software. Even though not so popular, it is one of the best alternatives for Teamviewer. Just like the AnyDesk, SplashTop is also the lightweight Remote Desktop Client for Windows computers.teamviewer alternative splashtop

With TLS and 256-bit AES encryption, all of the connections and data transfer is secure, and you don’t have to worry about the data theft. Not just the AES and TLS, but you get other security options like device authentication, two-step verification, and multiple 2nd-level password options to secure the connection between two computers.

SplashTop comes with tons of interesting features inclined towards the businesses, like customer service centers and others. The best thing about SplashTop is that the client does not need to install the software on his computer, but a simple nine-digit code will help you to get access to the desktop. Just like TeamViewer and AnyDesk, SplashTop is free of cost for personal use but will cost $16.99 per Year for Business use.

#3 – LogMeIn

LogMeIn is one of the most popular remote desktop application and alternative to Teamviewer. If all you want to do is to access your computer remotely for doing work from anywhere, then you’d find LogMeIn useful.teamviewer alternative logmein

You can use this software for providing support to other users, just like TeamViewer. With LogMeIn, the users get free 1TB cloud storage space for storing the files. The users can access all the files remotely without any issues

With the reasonably extensive feature set, you can do many things with this software program.  With LogMeIn, you can access and control iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac computers with ease. It is very different from Teamviewer but still provides a similar capability.

#4 – Chrome Remote Desktop

We are listing the Apps like Teamviewer, but the Chrome Remote Desktop is not an app, but the feature in Google Chrome Browser. Even though it is not an app or not as powerful as TeamViewer, it serves the purpose, and that’s what you should care. Chrome Remote Desktop is the feature embedded in the Google Chrome Browser and is free to use.

teamviewer alternative Chrome remote Desktop

The best thing about Chrome Remote Desktop is that it is Free to Use. If you have installed the Chrome Browser on host and client computers, then you can remotely access the client computer.

Cross-platform availability with end-to-end encryption is one of the best things I found about this feature. It doesn’t matter if you use this for Personal or Business purposes, your connection is staying secure and free.

It’s easier to configure, means you don’t have to spend excessive time managing the connections.

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Final Words

There are tons of TeamViewer alternatives available for you to download and use, but we want you to use only the best ones amongst them. That’s why we’ve reviewed and listed only the best Remote Desktop Software programs to use on most of the computing platforms. I hope you’ll find this list of the best alternatives for TeamViewer useful. If you have any suggestions or additions to this list, make sure to use the comment section and we will surely update our article with your new suggestions.

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