10 Best Snipping Tools For Mac in 2019

Whether you are a blogger or a teacher or a technical writer who create user documentation, you’d need snipping tools to capture the important images which you are going to use it on your blog while creating any guide or while you are presenting a ppt to a group of people. Snipping tools are the best way to show your audience what you are working on, snipping tools are also very great to create a step by step tutorial or documentation for your students who can perform practicals remotely just by going through the documentation but at the same time, good snipping tools are hard to find. In this article, we are going to list down and review one of the Best Snipping Tools For Mac you can use on your Mac machine

What is a Good Snipping Tool?

A good snipping tool would be the one that satisfies your needs. It would be very subjective to define snipping tools until and unless you know what to do with them.

With your purpose, your needs change and so it is very necessary to find a tool that really suits your demand.

In this article, we will list 10 best snipping tools for Mac users that are not only convenient to use but also very adaptable to different uses.

Top 10 Best Snipping Tools For Mac Machines

As we said above, it is really a hard job to find a snipping tool which works smoothly on Mac OS. Snipping tools for mac are paid as well as free. We would always prefer you to buy the tool if you really like the demo version of it by supporting the developers. Below in this guide, we are going to list out all paid and free tools available for Mac OS

1. Mac’s Built-in Snipping Tool

What could be better than something that the company provides you, which is premium and built-in with your OS.

Mac has an inbuilt system to take screenshots in various forms and no other tool can replace this one. Although there is no specific button for taking screenshots in Mac, there are different functions through which you can perform all the actions as per your requirements.

To take a screenshot in mac-

Press Command+Shift+4, to take a screenshot of a specific area or you can use your cursor to take screenshots of your mac screen as shown in this image below.

Best Snipping Tools For Mac


Jing is one of the most powerful and simplest applications ever build for snapping. It allows you to take a screenshot of the whole screen or selected part just by dragging the mouse.

The app also allows you to record your screen in Full HD Format just by pressing a few keystrokes from your keyboard.

It also provides you various texts and effects to work with.

Also has the feature of sharing screenshots with your friends and family through email. You c an also change your screenshot and screen recording buttons from its Settings.

JING snipping tool mac


Snagit is a very popular and powerful tool which is quite famous amongst youtubers. It works with modern technologies and provides good results. With the basic features of screenshot and screen recordings, it also takes video stills. One can capture the full screen or the selected area to work with.

Apart from that, it also provides a huge range of animations and image editing which provides it an edge over others.

SNAGIT mac snipping tool

4. MonoSnap Mac Snipping Tool

Monosnap is the third best snapping tool for Mac. It includes the basic system of taking screenshots of the whole page as well as of selected areas.

Apart from that, it also includes annotation tools. The best part about this app is that it provides free icloud storage.

Apart from that, you can even capture images and videos using the app.

MONOSNAP mac snipping tool

5. CloudApp Snipping Tool for Mac

If you want speed, then CloudApp is your application. Apart from images and videos, it also allows you to send GIF’s. it also comes with the feature of additional password for the application. You can also upload your snipped tool directly to their cloud to save it in a single click.

Another amazing feature of this app is the large collection of images it stores that can be easily accessible through search bars.

CloudApp Snipping tool

6. SNIP Tool

Snip is a free application available for Apple users that allow them to snip with perfection as they want.

It includes features like taking screenshots and screen recording. Apart from that, it allows you to zoom in and zoom out and add various annotations and shapes.

The Unique selling property of Snip is that it comes with brushes that allows you to add handwritten gestures to your images and videos.

Apart from that, it also allows you to edit using color schemes and color bars with different shapes.

SNIP mac snipping tool


Apowersoft is an intelligent snapping tool for fast-paced workflow. Like other applications, it comes with editing tools, annotations, color schemes, and shapes.

However, sharing is very accessible in Apoweroft. Screen recordings can be easily shared with other people with a click. It supports Google Drive, Dropbox and many more website to store our data online.

Also, it provides its user with a magnifying glass that improves readability.

APOWERSOFT Mac tool for snipping

8. Skitch Tool for Mac

Skitch is a very basic yet attractive application. If you want all the qualities of a snipping app, then Skitch is the correct choice.

It can perform all the basic functions and along with that, it is also very accessible when it comes to sharing with others.

However, you may need to upgrade the account to unlock all features.

Skitch mac snipping tool

9. Lightshot

Lightshot is another straight forward application that provides you with everything.

The main difference between lightshot mac snipping tool and skitch is that you don’t need any extra money for Lightshot. The tool is totally free and it also supports Windows and Android operating system too.

It comes with various editing options and works best if you are creating any types of documentation for your students.

Lightshot for Mac

10. Snapz Pro X

As the name says, if you want to go for some more advanced settings with extra editings, then Snapz Pro X is your best friend.

From quality to borders to watermarks, it covers every minute aspect.

It won’t disappoint you with a powerful range of customization.

Snapz Pro X Mac tool

However, with extra features comes the price. It is available for $69.

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Final Words

So here are the 10 best snipping tools for Mac you can use in 2019. They are very useful for every type of work or task you are performing. We have personally used all the tools and reviewed them on that basis We hope they are useful to you too. If you ever face any difficulties while using the tools above then please let us know in comments and we will surely help you with your query.

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