6 Best Skyrim Special Edition Mods for PC in 2019

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is known to be a platform for mods as it is an open-world RPG about Vikings and Dragons. Over many years, a HUge number of them have been created, and while plenty of them has been discarded, others have become essentials in anyone’s mod library.

With Skyrim Special Edition, things got complicated. Some old mods still worked, while some did not, some sort of worked for some time and then crashed. Now many of the big mods have been ported over, and there are alternatives for those which haven’t been.

That is why I am here today with this list of some of the best Skyrim Mods available out there.

Best Skyrim Special Edition Mods

With the Skyrim Special Edition, modders were given advance support for modding it with 64-bit on PC, so players and modders took this chance to create special mods for Skyrim Special Edition, here are some of the best mods that were provided, these mods can be download at Bethesda’s official website.

1. Skyrim Unofficial Patch

Skyrim Unofficial Patch

Assembled by prolific modder Arthmoor this is a composite of hundreds of fixes for bugs, text, objects, items, quests, and gameplay elements as Bethesda didn’t make any fixes for bugs or gameplay to the Skyrim Special Edition they just improved the graphics but it’s still got all of the problems the original game came with so this mod becomes more or less critical as it provides fixes to most of the problems that skyrim comes with.

2. Apocalypse – Best Skyrim Special Edition Mods

Apocalypse Best Skyrim Special Edition Mod for PC

This mod is for anyone who wants to have a mage build, the important features that this mod provides are:

  • 155 new magic spells with custom effects and great animations.
  • Add spells to vendor list, and there are new scrolls.
  • Compatible with many magic scaling mods.
  • Low script load.

It is worth a download for Magicka users.

3. Open Cities

Open Cities Skyrim mod

Are you done with cities being just another part of the loading sequence do you want to just ride into a city with your horse, do you want the load sequence of the cities to go away then look no further as this mod by Arthmoor is for you, it lets you get into any city without having to go through the loading sequence and makes you feel more connected to the game.

Now you can just stroll right in or use a horse to get directly into any city, without any break in your gaming experience.

4. Phenderix Magic World

Phenderix Magic World Best Skyrim Mod

This is another one of those magic mods for the magic lovers it adds some new locations such as the school of wizcraft and wizardry, a new town namely the magical town of manantis, and an entirely new dimension filled with magic, it also includes new magical spells and scrolls, over a dozen new followers and even a quest to get you started.

5. The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City best mods for skyrim

The forgotten city is an addition to the already vast world of Skyrim, this mod adds another quest was it an entirely different storyline altogether, here you have to solve a murder mystery in some lost city. The gameplay is almost 10 hours long and is great, everybody who has played the mod has said that the gameplay of this mod is great the mod comes with its own quests and lets you explore a massive ancient city. It’s got award-winning storyline written and developed by Nick Pearce.

6. Alternate start

Alternate start

This mod again by Arthmoor lets you start the game with some other back story than the original one, you can choose not to be the Dragonborn and start as a patron at an inn, or a visitor who just arrived by boat, or maybe the member of some guild, some prisoner, you can choose to be anything, and start the new storyline as anyone, the mod lets you have chance at looking at the game from a different perspective than the original Dragonborn storyline.

How to Install Skyrim Mods

So, now that you know about some of the best mods provided by gamers and developers alike how would you install them, well for that also we have the answer for you.

The Nexus Mod Manager

Most of you who have already installed mods for any other games such as the Witcher series or maybe from the Fallout series would have known about the Nexus Mod Manager, it can be used to install and manage the mods for Skyrim as well.

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Final Words

So these were the Best Skyrim Special Edition Mods currently available for PC, you will find 100s of the mods on the Internet but all of them are developed by fans which have many bugs and other issues but the list we just provided above are personally tested by us and the optimization of these mods was quite well, so what are you waiting for go to the Bethesda official website and download them to have fun.

We wish that you have a great gaming experience with these mods while playing Skyrim SE.

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