8 Best Productivity Applications for Mac in 2019

Productivity is all about utilizing the extra time that one has out of his busy schedule to learn and create something new instead of wasting the time in chatting and watching irrelevant stuff online or offline just for the sake of ‘Time Pass’. To be competitive and to actually remain in the competition, one has to be productive either one way or other.

An average person spends a minimum 4 hours daily on the internet and as we all know that apps are the heart of modern-day devices, be it installed in android or windows or in Mac OS. So, let’s just talk about how one can stay one step ahead of the crowd without giving up on his device and without becoming the ‘outsider’ in the social circle. People always care about their productivity, they waste time playing games, watching TV shows and movies and that makes them less productive. In this article we are going to list and talk about one of the best productivity applications for Mac machines, well not only for mac, but you can also use them on your Android, iOs and Windows devices too.

Best Productivity Applications for Mac Machines

The best way to do that is to use some productive apps and learn something new from them or sharpen your skills about what you already know, here are top 5 mac based apps that will help you discover the real ‘you’: –

1. ToDo List

Todo Productive App for Mac

ToDo is one of those memo applications for Mac devices which will help you organize your projects, tasks and other work things really in a beautiful manner. The is application is also the best alternative to Google Keep which will directly sync your all your list on its cloud and that for free of cost, there are some advanced and premium features which are paid but the application is worth every penny.

You can not only use this application on your Mac device, but you can also use it on your iOS device. If you update anything from your iPhone, it will directly be going to sync up with the cloud and you will see the same changes on your Mac machine and this all alterations are done in seconds, all you will need is a stable internet connection for synchronization.

2. 1Password – Editor’s Choice

1Password mac app

Do you face a hard time remembering and managing your passwords for every account you create on the various websites? I mean it must be obvious that your Google mail account password will not be as same as your Facebook account and it is really hard to remember all the passwords. 1Password app is one of those applications which will help you not only remember your password, it will also let you access those websites directly with a single click. The beauty of this application is, you can manage and store your password any websites. It also offers some advanced features like unlimited storage, Two-factor authentication, etc which are only available to paid/premium users

3. Coursera

Coursera App

Coursera app is an ‘all-rounder’ in the mighty world of Mac applications, it provides a lot of courses on almost everything that one might want to learn (arts and humanities, Music, Technology, Deep learning, Languages, etc.) that too designed and offered by world-class universities around the globe. Not only that, but one can also upgrade to the paid courses and earn a certificate from the top universities. This is a must-have app that can boost up one’s productivity levels beyond their imagination.

4. Grammarly – Best Productivity Applications for Mac

Grammarly for Mac

While creating documentation of anything, you might often face a bunch of grammatical errors on your screen and I know how annoying and irritating it is to read and solve those errors again and again. Well, Grammarly is a tool which will automatically scan for those grammatical errors in your document and it will help you solve them in a single click. You can only check your errors in the free version but in the paid version, you will also be able to check the plagiarism of the document in no time and that makes this tool one of the best productivity applications for Mac devices. This tool is also available for Windows, Android and iOS devices

5. Scribd

Scribd Book Reading App

For all those who just love to read books, this app is like God’s gift to them. It doesn’t only provide books to read but also one can download and save them for later. Adding more wonders to it, it also provides audiobooks so that if tired reading, one can continue listening to the books too. It has got books and documents that one can’t even imagine of so no hassle of carrying the book and paying heavy prices in purchasing them, just get this app installed and you are ready to go.

6. BBC News

BBC News mac

Although, reading news might seem boring to some people the reality is that one must have the knowledge of what is happening around him and across the globe. It is definitely going to increase the productivity levels as being productive is not only about improving yourself but it is also about helping others improve too and without the knowledge of what actually is happening around, how one can even think of being productive. So getting a news app installed in every OS user’s device is a must.

7. Unacademy


This app is for all of those who love studying and students who are enrolled in some sort of courses like engineering, MBBS, etc. and preparing for competitive exams. The teachers from IIT’s, Nit’s and toppers of various competitive exams are here to guide and teach the students. After all, it is like a dream come true that you are getting tips from someone who has already cracked the exam that you dream of cracking.

8. HealthifyMe


Last but not least, one can achieve anything that he wants but without compromising with health. This app not only examines the health as per the data provided by the user but also recommends the nutritional and exercise plan to reach the ideal health category. So, do whatever you want to but be healthy and stay fit.

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Final Words

These were some of the most promising apps that one can think of to be productive and if followed with discipline then surely one can utilize the time in the best way possible and wake up every morning with ‘no regret’ at all. If you have any suggestions of any other applications you use to make your day more productive then please let us know comment section below and we might update it in our article.

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