8 Best PDF Editors for Mac

When it comes to the productive tasks, writing and editing documents, filling up spreadsheets and editing PDF are the one of the most important things. Almost every professional person who work in industry make use of the Word Processor, Spreadsheet and PDF editor programs. Most of the PDF editor programs are available on the Windows OS. So, what about the MacOS users? Well, there are tons of good PDF editor mac versions out there on the Internet. But, most of the MacOS computer users are unaware of the same.

That’s why we are going to help the Mac Users. In this post, you can find some of the best PDF Editors for MacOS users. Some of the programs in this list are free, and some are premium, but both of them are good at editing the PDF without any issues. So, without wasting any more time, let’s check out the list of free PDF Editor mac programs.

What is the use of PDF Editor Software Programs?

The PDF files are also known as the Portable File Format files. Adobe Systems developed this format. The PDF files are developed to present the documents, images, and other content conveniently. But the difference between the Document files and the PDF files is that the PDF files are not easily editable. That’s why most of the times the PDF files are used for sharing encrypted documents between two parties.

When you make any mistake while creating a PDF file, it is pretty hard to edit the contents of a PDF file by converting it to another file format. That’s why the PDF editor mac programs come handy while editing the same files. The PDF editor programs make it easier for editing any PDF file, be it protected or non protected.

Best Free PDF Editor Programs for Mac

Amongst the vast availability of the programs for editing the PDF format, we chose some best PDF editor for Mac and listing them below. All you have to do is to check them all one by one and pick the best one that suits your needs.

1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC – Editor’s Choice

Acrobat Pro DC - Best PDF Editors for Mac

The Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is one of the best pdf editor mac programs. The Adobe systems developed the PDF format, so is this software program. The Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the native editor program for the PDF which is full of useful features. If you are looking for clean and beautiful PDF documents or cover up the mistakes in existing PDF file, then the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is going to help you a lot.

The Adobe Acrobat Pro DC supports the PDF creation, conversion to another format, editing the files and encrypting the same. This program is widely used in the commercial or professional environment due to the set of features it comes with and the pricing model, which suits the professional needs. The software is not free of cost and comes with the proprietary Adobe systems monthly subscription method.

2. PDF Reader – Document Expert

PDF Reader - Document Expert

The Document Expert PDF reader is not a traditional PDF editor mac but can be used to edit the files. The Document Expert Reader is widely used for accessing the PDF files. But, if you have a minor task like filling up the form in PDF format, then you can quickly make use of this software to perform minor editing tasks. The minor tasks may including adding an image in PDF file or adding a signature to the PDF form for online submission.

This program is available for MacOS based computers for free but comes with some useful features. The fascinating features are the TAG, which allows easier file management and iCloud synchronization, which will enable you to access files from your cloud storage.

3. PDFElement

PDFElement PDF Editors for Mac

The latest version of PDFElement is the best option for anyone who is in constant need of editing the PDF files. The PDFElement 6, which is the latest version is capable of Creating, Editing, Converting and sharing PDF documents with ease. The software program comes with all the tools that help you in making and editing a beautiful looking document. Also, the users can convert any PDF file to the formats like Docx, xlsx, or png and jpeg within a few seconds. Also, the Optical Character Recognition feature, you can convert an image into the PDF file quickly.

Also, this mac pdf editor comes with the option to password protect the file and it makes it one of the best and secured pdf editor for mac devices. With the option to lock, and sign, the PDF files will stay secure and can’t be cracked without the password. The premium license of this software starts at $59.99/-.

4. Skim

Skim PDF Reader for MAC

If you are looking for some casual editing work and want a free PDF editor mac, then there is no better option than Skim. The Skim is a simple PDF editor and reader that has no additional features like the others in this list. It’s just useful for some casual PDF reading and editings like adding the annotations, drawing, and signatures. The Skim is suitable for personal work only, it is not for professional use, that’s why the software is available for free on the Internet. It’s a great PDF viewer and Editor for home and personal usage.

5. PDFpenPro

PDFpenPro Mac PDF Editor

If the free pdf editor for mac is not what you are looking, then you should check out the PDFpenPro for Mac. The PDFpenPro is one of the most popular software programs that allow you to create, read and edit the PDF files. With the help of this premium Mac PDF editor, you can create new PDF files, open existing PDF files and edit the files. Also, the encryption system allows you to lock the critical PDF documents so no one can see them without the password.

With the Optical Character Recognition System, you can convert the scanned images into the PDF file with ease. The best thing I found about this software is the export feature. You can create a PDF file but can export it in multiple formats like Docx, Xlsx, Powerpoint Presentation, and even an image. The PDFpenPro software is available at $75/- for the premium version.

6. PDF Expert

PDF Expert Mac PDF Editor

The PDF Expert for Mac is the robust PDF editor for Macintosh systems. With the features that are useful for personal and professional use, this software is perfect for everyone. With the help of PDF expert program, the users can quickly open, create, edit, sign, annotate and change the layout. The multi-faceted program is beneficial for those who are looking to fulfill their personal and professional needs of PDF editing.

Not just the standard features, but PDF Expert for Mac comes with additional features like Annotations, PDF management, Pictures, Split view mode, and touch bar support. To access all these mentioned features, the users have to spend $49.99/- for a lifetime license of this software.

7. Preview

Preview PDF Editor for Mac OS

Looking for a Free PDF Editor for Mac? Well, the Preview is the one you should check out. There is no need to download the Preview as it is pre-installed in your Mac based system. The Preview is the default PDF reader and editor in your Macintosh computer. With this free utility, you can Create, view, Edit and annotate the PDF files you’ve downloaded. It’s not suitable for Professional use as it won’t have many features needed for bulk editing and other needs. But, you can check this out for personal and one-time use.

8. Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PhantomPDF Mac PDF Editor

The Foxit PhantomPDF editor is popular within the Windows computer users. Now, the same software is available for the Macintosh users. With Foxit PhatomPDF editor, the users get access to all of the standard features like Create, Edit and Convert the PDF files. The users can create new PDF files, Convert and Export the same files to another format, Annotate the existing file and also add custom signatures on the PDF form.

All these features are not free of cost. The users have to pay $129.99/- to get the premium license. But, the Foxit provides the 14-Day free trial for the people who want to try this software.

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Final Words

All these Mac PDF editor programs are available at your disposal for editing the PDF files with ease. We have tried all of the available editor programs and shortlisted these top eight Best PDF editor for Mac. These software programs are suitable for personal, professional and Enterprise use. Any novice user can quickly learn and use it for his own purpose So, make sure you check all of these programs and then pick the one that suits your needs and also the budget because not all of them are free of cost.

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