Best NES Emulators for Windows 10

Before the PlayStation 4 and modern high-end games, there were the simple and arcade games. We spent our childhood playing Mario games on your gaming consoles like the Nintendo Consoles. The Nintendo Entertainment System or the Nintendo NES was most popular gaming console back in the time. Were you the maniac like me who played games on NES for hours? If yes, then you should check out the list of Best NES emulator programs.

If you have a PC, you can download the NES emulator Windows 10 and start playing the NES games on your computer. There is no need of buying the Nintendo gaming console for this sole purpose. All you have to do is download any of the listed Windows 10 NES emulator programs and run downloaded games. In this post, we are going to list some of the best Nintendo emulators for Windows that you can download and play the games of our childhood.

What is NES Emulator Windows?

The NES stands for the Nintendo Entertainment System, which was the gaming console made by Nintendo. The NES console had tons of games produced for it which we used to play in childhood. As of now, the NES production is stopped, and we cannot buy them from the market. So, we are going to use the Emulator programs on Windows to run the games made for NES. The Emulator program simulates the virtual environment of the NES software system and runs the games on your computer. It is an excellent way of playing old games on modern computers. Without emulator software, there is no way you can do so.

Best NES Emulator for Windows 10

Many of the companies and freelance developers have worked on developing an NES emulator for the people who are interested in it. Some of them are good, and some of them are bad. We tried all of them and listing some of the best Windows 10 NES emulator programs for you to play Nintendo games on your computer.

1. FCEUX – Editor’s Choice

FCEUX NES Emulator for Windows

The FCEUX is one of the most popular NES emulators for Windows computers. You can hear about the same emulator on every other blog or website. This emulator comes with tons of features and customization options, which makes it useful for hardcore gamers. This emulator is very easy to use and also has different useful features like the ROM-Hacking, Full-screen support, joystick control, and even gameplay recording.

This emulator is best for loading the NES ROM files on your computers. Once you load the NES file, you can start playing the game immediately. Not just the NES files, but FCEUX can also load UNF, NSF, FDS, RAR, ZIP, and GZ file formats quickly. The FCEUX is freely available for download on the official website.

2. RetroArch

RetroArch NES Emulator

The RetroArch is the most beautiful Windows 10 NES emulator program in my opinion. With the sleek and simple design which makes it easy to use is the main plus point of this software. It comes with tons of features and also the customization option to improve the performance and User experience. It’s easy to use but not easy to complete the initial set up.

For advanced users, it comes with tons of useful features that they can use, tweak and optimize. Unlike other emulator programs, the lag in processing the graphics and commands is non-existent. So, it is a very fast emulator for running the NES games. When we used it in our computers, we felt like we were playing on an Emulator, except with the keyboard and mouse. If you are okay with the complicated setup process, then you’ll find it for free on the official website.

3. VirtuaNES

VirtuaNES Emulator Windows 10

The ViruaNES is officially not supported by the developer, but still holds the place of popularity amongst the users. With the evolving software and hardware configurations on computers, the software is still running perfectly without any official support from the developer. If you want full-fledged NES gaming experience on your computer, then using the VIrtuaNES is the best option.

This software program comes with the Joystick and gamepad support for realistic NES experience. Also, the full-screen support makes gameplay even better. Not just this, but it comes with the cheat codes support and hex memory editor for editing the game memory values. The development of this software was stopped in 2007, but it is available for download on the official website.

4. Nintendulator

Nintendulator Emulator For Windows 10

The Nintendulator is a funny name, but the software works very well for running almost any NES game. The Nintendulator is a powerful yet lightweight Nintendo Emulator for your Windows PC. It is made in the C++ language so is very lightweight on your computer. It comes with useful features like the Gamepad support, full-screen gameplay, Auto-Play and also the Soft and Hard Reset options.

Although it has fewer features than other emulators, all of the included features make it easy to use for first-timers. The Nintendulator is available on the official site for free.

5. Nestopia UE

Nestopia UE NES Emulator Windows 10

The Nestopia UE is the last NES Emulator Windows 10 in this list. It is a RetroArch based emulator for playing Nintendo games on your computer. The Nestopia UE is handy if you are facing problems while installing and setting up the RetroArch emulator. With the simple installation and setup procedures, many people love using this emulator program instead of RetroArch.

The Nestopia’s official support was stopped a few years ago. But the community developers released this UE or Undead Edition and providing support for the long gone software program. It’s a stripped down version of the RetroArch, which has fewer features than the base software. The Nestopia UE comes with the Joystick support, Full-screen support, ROM-hacking, NVIDIA Vsync support for superior graphics processing and many more. Just like other Windows 10 NES emulator programs, Nestopia UE is available for free on the official website.

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Final Words

Playing the Nintendo console games on your computer is the best feeling you can ever have. The nostalgia of playing the games that we used to play in childhood is very rejuvenating. I hope you liked this list of Best NES Emulator For Windows 10. All you have to do is to Install any of the emulators and load the ROM files of the games that you want to play and smash your old score records.

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