5 Best Discord Bots To Enhance Your Server Response Time

Discord is one of the best online chat platforms for gamers and others. Most players do use it as the medium of in-game communication. Due to the robust architecture and interactive User Interface, the gamers have adopted Discord more than any other community. Discord supports a full range of customization options, that increases the usability by ten folds. Sign up on Discord and create your server and get access to all of the customization options. One of the best features is Discord Bots. You can create the best Discord bots, that can perform the designated tasks automatically.

Do you want to play music in the group chat? There is a bot to do the same. Do you want to search Google? There is a bot to do the same. There are hundreds of best discord bots that you can use and make your Discord Channel interesting for members. In this post, we are going to share the list of some of the best Discord bots, that you can install on the server and add the extra functionality.

What are Discord Bots?

Discord bots are nothing but the programs made for Discord Servers. The programs are designed to perform the specific tasks related to the Discord servers. Mostly, the Discord Server owners use the Bots to play music automatically, execute commands, search the internet and many other things. The users use Discord Bots in the Discord Servers, which is like the group of people connected for communicating with each other.

Top Best Discord Bots to Enhance Server

Now you know everything about the Discord bots. This is the time to check out some of the cool Discord bots that you can install on your server. All you have to do is to visit the link and follow the instructions to use any of these best bots for discord by yourselves.

1 – Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki is one of the most powerful and best bots for Discord. Many of the popular Twitch streamers who maintain a Discord server use Tatsumaki on the server. With Tatsumaki bot, you can manage the server with tons of commands, set up a welcome message for the newcomers, and many other features. Tatsumaki allows the server members to search Google, and stay up to date with Server notifications.

Tatsumaki Discord Bot

The best thing about Tatsumaki is the inventive system, which allows the users to earn XP and rewards. The server owners can use this Incentive System to increase the engagement on the server. The earned XP and levels are shown on the right beside the username of the member. You can install Tatsumaki, the best Discord bot on your server from the official website.

2 – Dyno Bot

Is this your first time managing a Discord server? Then Dyno Bot is the one you should start your journey of Discord bots. Dyno Bot is one of the beginner-friendly and best discord bot that you can install on your server. It comes with tons of features, mainly the all-in-one Dashboard to customize the settings. Auto-moderation of the group chats, Timed mutes, and bans, etc. In the new servers, raid spam is one of the most significant issues, and Dyno bot prevents the raid spam by automatic detection.
dynotbot discord bot

The users can customize the notification or custom messages when someone joins; leaves are muted or banned from the server. Also, you can assign the moderator or administrator roles to other users from the Dyno Bot dashboard. It comes with Cleverbot integration, which allows the members to use Dyno bot for searching on Google, Playing music, and watch YouTube videos. You can check the official site of Dyno Bot and test it by downloading it.

3 – GAwesome Bot

GAwesome Bot is one of the most powerful and best discord bots that you can install on your server to increase the features. As this is the highly customizable bot, you can tweak almost every setting to play with the features. It works like any other moderation bots that automatically or manually welcomes new members, add new members, chat moderation, Ban or Kick users. But the extra features are what separates this good discord bot from others. With GAwesome Bot, you can conduct polls, giveaways, generation memes, and many other things.

GAwesome Discord Bot

Also, the bot allows users to search on Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, and almost every other search engine. If you play with the customization options, you can enable many more hidden features in GAwesome bot. You can check out the official site of GAwesome Discord Bot to install the same on your discord server.

4 – Zandercraft Bot

I prefer Zandercraft bot for all of my personal and private Discord servers. I find Zandercraft as one of the cool Discord bots that you should try out at least once. Unlike other good discord bots, Zandercraft bot emphasizes on memes, videos, audio, GIF, and productivity. If you are a music junky, then rejoice as Zandercraft bot can play Hi-Fi, and XFD music on the server.

Zandercraft Discord Bot

Zandercraft is a perfect discord bot for those who love music from the bottom of their heart. With some simple commands, the users can Play, Pause, or Request the songs on the server. Zandercraft is free to use, but you can support the developer by donating on the official website.

5 – GameStats

As the name suggests, GameStats is one of the best discord bots for showing the game statistics. If you are playing a game and want to share the score automatically to the Discord server, GameStat will do the same for you. GameStat works with a wide variety of games like PUBG, Rust, Rainbow Six: Seige, Paragon, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, World of Worships and many others.

gamestats Discord bot

The settings of GameStats are quite complicated, but the users will get used to it. To automatically share the details of the games that you’ve played, you should add the game and then link the same to your Discord account. GameStat works well for all of the members of your Discord server. Install the GameStats Bot on your server by visiting the official website.

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Final Words

Discord Servers are best for the gamers, and Twitch streamers to communicate with the fans. Also, it is a great alternative for online chatting services as Discord is free to use. In this post, we tried our best to list all of the best Discord Bots that the Server owners can use. With these good Discord bots, the server owners can increase the usability and engagement in the chat group. I hope you’ve liked this list of the Discord bots. Please make sure to comment if you have any suggestions or want to add a new and useful bot to this list.

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