5 Best Discord Bots To Enhance Your Server Response Time

best discord bots

Discord is one of the best online chat platforms for gamers and others. Most players do use it as the medium of in-game communication. Due to the robust architecture and interactive User Interface, the gamers have adopted Discord more than any other community. Discord supports a full range of customization options, that increases the usability by ten folds. Sign up on Discord and create your server and get access to … Read more

The Best SNES Emulators of 2019

Best SNES Emulators for Windows

Nintendo has made a ton of different gaming consoles that dominated the gaming industry. The simple arcade gaming consoles with a variety of games is what I needed in my childhood. The Nintendo SNES gaming console is the one that made the huge wave in the gaming industry. With the arrival of the Nintendo SNES gaming console, every kid and even the adults started dreaming of playing the games on … Read more

Best Teamviewer Alternatives in 2019

Best Team Viewer Alternatives

Teamviewer is undoubtedly one of the best Remote Desktop Software program for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Being a Cross-platform remote desktop software program, it is being used by more than a few million people. With the help of TeamViewer, most of the people are not wasting time in configuring the Remote Desktop Protocol and make the connection with another computer. TeamViewer has all of the features that everyone … Read more

6 Chrome Flags Which Can Enhance Your Browsing Experience


Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers for your computer, be it Windows, Linux, or Mac. Being an Open-source web browser made with precision, you will not face any issues while browsing the internet. As the Chrome Browser is based on Chromium Open-source project just like many other web browsers, it shares some common features with another browser. But the Chrome://Flags separate the browser from other web browsers. … Read more

There was a problem resetting your PC [100% Solved]

There was a problem resetting your PC Solved

When You are facing the performance issues with the computer, then you are advised to perform the system reset. In Windows 10, the procedure for resetting the PC without losing data is pretty simple and does miracles by improving the system performance. I’ve performed the System reset to remove the clutter and improve system performance, but sometimes, I encountered problems resetting the PC. With “There was a problem Resetting your … Read more

Windows 10 Black Screen with Cursor [SOLVED]

Windows 10 Black Screen with Cursor

Issues with Windows 10 are prevalent as the development team from Microsoft is still struggling to make it stable. Many of the Windows 10 OS users have faced some problem or another while using the computer. Windows 10 Black Screen with Cursor is the biggest problem that we’ve encountered in the last few years. We started using Windows 10 from the time it was released for Public testing. We’ve encountered … Read more

How to Make Google my Homepage[All Browsers]

make google my homepage

Google is the biggest search engine, and whenever a new person starts using the internet, then he/she will probably start with Google. The Word Google has become the part of the Oxford Dictionary and also in the mouth of every internet user. Without Google, no one can survive as there is no stronger search engine on the internet that provides many features like the Email service, Cloud Storage, YouTube, and … Read more

What is Vulkan RunTime Libraries & Why do you need it ?

You may have seen some new files in your computer that you haven’t stored or created by the third-party applications. But the files that are alien to you and you are suspecting that someone is accessing your computer on your behalf. Well, in the era of the Internet, the security of the users is a myth and hackers can virtually send some files on your computer if you are infected. … Read more

[Fixed] Microsoft Edge Not Working On Windows 10

Microsoft Edge Not Working on Windows 10-8-7

One of the best things about using Microsoft edge is that you will get a unique and satisfying user interface with this browser. Microsoft launched it in 2015 with Windows 10 update and if you have recently updated your PC and found that you Microsoft edge not working then welcome to the club. Many people have reported that after upgrading to Windows 10, Microsoft edge not opening. One of the … Read more

How to Fix Unexpected Store Exception Error in Windows 10

Unexpected store exception

No one likes to see their system getting crashed, and if you are getting a blue screen of death, then it might be frustrating for you. When you are using windows 10 operating system, it forces you to update it, and if you have recently updated Windows 10 then along with new features, they might also come up with some unwanted exceptions and error. Unexpected store exception is a type of … Read more