Best Call Recording App for iPhone in 2019

The lack of a call recording feature on iPhones may be troublesome for some users. Even more, for users who prefer keeping a copy of their meaningful conversations, this can be quite annoying. But thankfully, there is a workaround for this problem. There are many call recording apps available which you can use to record calls on your iPhone. That said, there are a lot of call recording apps out … Read more

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Best Password Manager for Mac in 2019

Best Password Manager for Mac

Let us ask you a question. How many websites and services have you signed up for on the internet? Don’t bother, because they’re so many that you probably wouldn’t recall them at once. More internet leads to more websites, which leads to more services, they lead to more online accounts, which in turn create more passwords for you to remember. Simple, isn’t it? No, it’s not. And that’s where the … Read more

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Best Web Browser for Mac Devices in 2019

Web browsers are an indispensable part of our lives now. If you doubt that, remember that you’re using one to read this. But there are so many web browsers out there that it becomes tricky to choose the best option. There are so many factors that collectively contribute to a browser’s overall rating that it is easy to overlook some. Finding the best browser for your computer an easy task, … Read more

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Best VPN for Mac OS in 2019

Best VPN for Mac OS

Are you looking to stay anonymous while using the internet, or do you want to access some websites on your Mac which are blocked? Whatever it may be, a virtual private network (VPN) can help you in both cases. In this guide, we list some excellent VPN services so that you can find the best VPN for Mac devices. A VPN can be used to access websites that have been … Read more

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How to Move Steam Games to Another Drive

Moving steam games from one drive to another drive is always one big headache for gamers. There can be many reasons why you want to move the respective steam game to another drive like lack of storage or you don’t want your games to be installed in the same drive in which your current Windows or Mac operating system is installed or maybe you just want to create a separate … Read more

How to Fix Avast Won’t Open Windows 10 Error

How to Fix Avast Won't Open Windows 10 Error

What is the first thing we do when we install a fresh operating system on our new or old device? It is quite obvious that we always prefer to install Antivirus software to make sure our system is safe all the time even if you install any third party softwares in the future or anytime, you know that the antivirus software is going to take care of all those third-party … Read more

8 Best Productivity Applications for Mac in 2019

Best Productivity Applications for Mac Devices

Productivity is all about utilizing the extra time that one has out of his busy schedule to learn and create something new instead of wasting the time in chatting and watching irrelevant stuff online or offline just for the sake of ‘Time Pass’. To be competitive and to actually remain in the competition, one has to be productive either one way or other. An average person spends a minimum 4 … Read more

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Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU Usage [Fixed]

Windows Modules Installer Worker

What if any backend process suddenly starts eating more than 80% of your system usage? It is obvious that your system will work really slow and it will take you minutes or even hour just to perform small tasks like copying any file from one place to another or starting any new program on which you want to work on. Windows Modules Installer Worker or TrustedInstaller.exe is one of those processes which can … Read more

6 Best Skyrim Special Edition Mods for PC in 2019

best skyrim special edition mods

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is known to be a platform for mods as it is an open-world RPG about Vikings and Dragons. Over many years, a HUge number of them have been created, and while plenty of them has been discarded, others have become essentials in anyone’s mod library. With Skyrim Special Edition, things got complicated. Some old mods still worked, while some did not, some sort of worked … Read more