[Fixed] Windows 10 Freezes Automatically

As the desire of having an advanced operating system is increasing, bugs and errors on the OS also increase. Thus, it is obvious for softwares to hang and freeze randomly, automatically on startup. It is very frustrating to handle hindrances while using any system.   Windows 10 was offered the facility of the free upgrade from Windows Vista/7 and 8 systems. As a positive result, most of the users upgraded … Read more

HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working [Fixed]

How to fix HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working Problem

Gaming is the best way to zone out from your surroundings when you feel lonely, it is the best medicine to any disease. A good gaming system keeps you involved all the time which may not be good as an addiction, but as a leisure time work, it does its job.  It’s 2019, and gaming has reached another level. HyperX the famous sponsor of 20 gaming teams globally has designed HyperX … Read more

One or More Network Protocols are Missing in Windows 10/8/7 [Fixed]

one or more network protocols are missing

While using system it is obvious for anyone to click on some unrequired options which results in some errors to the system automatically. There are thousands of options and programs in a Windows operating system which is very tough to recognize always the right one and to press only that one. When the user keeps clicking on an icon or any program repeatedly there occurs an error. When a network … Read more

10 Best Snipping Tools For Mac in 2019

10 Best Snipping Tools For Mac

Whether you are a blogger or a teacher or a technical writer who create user documentation, you’d need snipping tools to capture the important images which you are going to use it on your blog while creating any guide or while you are presenting a ppt to a group of people. Snipping tools are the best way to show your audience what you are working on, snipping tools are also … Read more

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How to Set CPU priority to Prefer Foreground Apps in Windows 10/8/7

When we are working on our computer, we often fail to realize the numerous tasks our computer is doing along with the background. And it’s very normal to not realize that until you are a tech geek. As there is backstage in every play, so is in our computers. We operate some applications that we can see we are operating and are foreground. Other applications which are working are in … Read more

Enable GPEdit.msc on Windows 10, 8, 7 [Group Policy Editor]

Enable GPEdit.msc on Windows 10, 8, 7 [Group Policy Editor]

Windows 10 operating system is used by almost all of the individuals and the big companies. With the different versions serving the needs of different people, Windows 10 is being installed in more and more computers day by day. The Windows 10 Home version and Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise Version are very much different if compared with the set of features. The main difference the user can spot is … Read more

iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working [Fixed]

How to Fix iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working

What could be a worse than missing your flight because you didn’t wake up at time? Or, you missed that interview you’ve been waiting year long because you realized your alarm didn’t ring? Well, Alarm Clock is no less than a life saver in 21st century. If you are living alone, or living away from your parents, you know that alarm clocks are your next parent. It is really a … Read more

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Standard Sata AHCI Controller Drivers for Windows 10 [Fixed]

Standard Sata AHCI Controller

Device drivers are the software programs that keep your PC running in smooth condition. Without the driver software, you won’t be able to use third-party hardware with the computer as they won’t run without the drivers. The standard SATA AHCI Controller is the same driver that keeps your PC running smoothly with the external hardware. The SATA drivers are useful to manage the devices connected to the SATA ports on … Read more

The Ultimate Windows 10 Backup & Restore Guide

Backups sound tricky and confusing. But it is the best way to save all that is inside your computer when you are changing computers, or during hardware viruses or simply if you need some more space. Not only taking backups is easy, but recovering your backups is also an easy and quick task. It basically involves copying or transferring the data in your computer/laptop or any device to a safer … Read more

TP Link Router Login, IP, Username, Password [Setup Guide]

TP Link Router Login, IP, Username, Password Setup Guide

One of the best ways through which we can access the internet is with the help of routers. There are many companies which provide top routers, but if you don’t know how to use it or configure it, then it could create a severe problem. If you’ve recently bought TP-link router and now confused about how to set it or don’t know about tp link router login then don’t worry … Read more